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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th July 2016 Written Update

Tushar says Anokhi u are the girl I love, but u said in front of everyone that u are my girlfriend, Anokhi says I didn’t want u to get married to Parul, Tushar says me too, and I can’t promise u I mean all are very upset with me n u so but n I’m sorry I couldn’t help u for job,n u can’t be there at 9 so n so thanku n sorry, take care bye.anokhi says u too, Tushar says yes n Kunal will give u a call for salary cheque, Anokhi says ok n leaves, Anokhi n Tushar have flashes of their memories together.

Anokhi thinking abt her ma n papa fights over money n expenses, Anokhi looks at watch gifted by Tushar n says manager sorry Tushar sir, he doesn’t turn, Anokhi says oh nashpatti,n says I liked this watch a lot see u soon, Tushar smiles n says sure.

Dadu says to dadi, past few days were so tricky n I have made a decision n so ask niki to call Anokhi n her parents home, dadi says sure n tells everyone that Dadu wants Anokhi n her parents home, Jassi says anokhis family, why, dadi says for Tushar n Anokhi what else.

Anokhi with Vrinda n says ma, I dreamt a lot n all is so weird now, so confusing, Vrinda says all will be fine, u tell me u want to marry in a well settled house or like ours, Anokhi says ma but Tushar is so weird n scared always, Vrinda says change him after marriage, papa n Sashi join them, papa says Anokhi Tushar really likes u I saw it in his eyes n he is so down to earth n Anokhi if u want to go ahead with it look at tushars love,Vrinda says Anokhi see u don’t hate him instead u talked all day abt Tushar, just be practical,u need ac n soft bed for peaceful sleep n see this watch he got it engraved for u n so all will be fine, trust me.

Sashi picks up phone,n calls papa n says its from Malik n house, all rush to phone,papa says hello ok what sure,bye, n keeps the phone. Dadi says nikita go to sleep we need to work tomorrow,nikita says my sleep went away with Parul n leaves. Tushar working, dadi walks to him n says what are u doing, Tushar says dadi u like Phirni right so seeing its recipe, dadi says I have a sweet news Dadu asked ur mother to call Anokhi n her parents n she did so.

Vrinda gets very excited n says this is sure for Anokhi n tushars marriage, thanku God, papa says control I don’t know the reason, Vrinda says I know it’s for wedding, papa says Anokhi Did u make any mistake there, Vrinda says quite Anokhi u gonna marry in a rich family how excited, papa says lets see what happens tomorrow, Sashi says Anokhi when u get married to Tushar , help me get a boutique, Anokhi says shut up go away.

Tushar says are u sure Dadu agreed bcoz u know Dadu, dadi says no don’t worry, he himself called them here , Tushar says but why n how come, dadi says my emotional drama worked, n smile now, tomorrow is new beginning for u n ur happiness, Tushar says Dadu loves me, dadi says he just can’t express but loves u,parikshit walks in n says Tushar ur happiness is what matters to us n all will be fine cheer up,nikita walks in says lets wait for tomorrow n so we need to sleep now n so go rest, Tushar says ok ma.

Anokhi in kitchen, Sashi walks in n says go sleep what wrong, missing Tushar. Kunal sees Tushar in tears n says hello what’s wrong , u got marriage news but look at u, tushar says look down I’m cutting onion, Kunal says wow what are u cooking, Kalpana says let me help, tushar says no u go sleep, Kunal says don’t stop him he cooks best in stress n I will manage him u go sleep.

Sashi says call Tushar u will feel better n Anokhi gets call from Tushar, anokhis ays yes sir hi I was gonna call u, some body called from ur house, Tushar says yes ma did n called to ask are u happy, Sashi keeps teasing Anokhi, Anokhi hears Tushar weep n says I’m happy don’t cry, Tushar says I was cutting onions I love cooking an when in stress I cook, Anokhi says u cooking tomorrow for us,Tushar says what, Anokhi says kidding n how did this all happen, Tushar says I dint know too jut wanted to ask u happy, Anokhi says I’m sleepy see u tomorrow, Tushar says yes yes good night.

Precap : Vrinda walks in Malik house n says how pretty ur house is but nikita insults her.

Written Update by Tanaya

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