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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th June 2016 Written Update

Episode begins with audience cheering for game show, the host says u are two questions away from ur jackpot, the first question is dr lakahani n travel agent aroṛa fall in love with a sample girl, travel agent has to be on a vacation for 7 days so how will aroṛa keep Lakhani away from the girl, anokhi answers he shall give the girl 7 apples bcoz apple a day Kees a doc away, host says congratulation anokhi u are right n now last question n it is ; alia bhaṭṭ invented zero in what century, anokhi thinking her answer n at last second says it’s arya bhaṭṭ not alia bhaṭṭ, host says very correct u are a winner.
Audience start cheering for anokhi,anokhi wins a brand new car, holiday package n lit more luxuries gifts, anokhis parents come on stage n hug her.
Anokhis mom wakes her up n says u dreaming wake up, anokhi says oh no it was just a dream.
Arrangements for wedding in full swing at anokhis house, anokhi says ma my dream, ma says anokhi go get ready later it’s ir brothers wedding n God knowS where’s ur papa, papa says here I’m mending lights. Ma says ok, papa says halwaiji my wifes name is Vrinda n I call her phulan devi.
Anokhi shareS her dream with ma, papa finding shashi, ma says go search him in room, papa says ok, ma says anokhi go try ur lehenga n shashi where’s anokhis lehenga , shashi says here it is, anokhi sayS I love it grt, shashi says ma shila taiji wasn’t at home n so card is back, ma says these ur papa n his relatives God, papa says all bcoz u dont like them.
Anokhi says shashi u spoilt ma lehenga unturned it into a skirt, how dare u u are a useless designer, papa says borrow one from priyanka go anokhi, ma says we will buy a new one for her she won’t borrow come anu lets go.
Anokhi trying lehengas, she says to sales man bhaiya show some good lehengas, she trieS one lehenga n loves it, ma says good it’s in our budget good.
Dadu checking accounts, n then takes his medicines, dadi comes along n says u n ur habits I never like them n I met tulsi she was taunting me on ur habits of saving thIngS, dadu says what’s wrong in saving, dadi says u save in name of everything.
While giving receipt to dadu abt buying all whole sale items, dadus son drop his phone, dadu gets angry n scoldS him n says u have already gifted up in this account bills all entries are up n down, dadi says did u give the add for new accountant, he says us on tv, dadu says on tv I asked in newspaper. Dadi says calm down don’t scold him, dadu says give add in newspaper now n no more mistakes or else I will not leave u n no more expenses I’m warning u.
Ma had read the price wrong instead of 20000 she reads 2000, anokhi says oh no ma what to do now, salesman says IF u dont have money plz leave, ma says actually we don’t have money, anokhi says I mean we don’t have cash, salesman says give card then, ma wispers now what I have just 1300 in my account, salesman gets a call from customer in meanwhile anokhi removes zero button n notes wrong address n leaves.
Ma says anokhi what will u wear now.
Dadus son missing his childhood days n missing his maid n how she use to serve palak chat to him n how dadu use to scold her n also him, instead of looking at his sons finger n says stop wasting my money.
AnokhiS ma shopping jewellery n anokhi taking selfies n sees a man abt to commit suicide it’s dadus son, anokhi rushes to him n holds him n starts shouting help help.
Both fall on each other, anokhi looks at him, he asks are u mad who are u, anokhi says I saved u from comiṭing suicide are u mad why are doing ṭhis, he shouts I’m not committing suicide I was bending to get my coin n this lady started shouting.
Anokhi says I’m sorry, he says I’m already stressed plz leave me alone, anokhi says so rude n leaves n both leave on their respective paths.

Precap : anokhi dancing in barat, a lady dashes her n ring falls down, anokhi picks it up but lady says dare u try to rob it.

Written Update by Tanaya

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