Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Kunal shooks Tushar n says u can see Anokhi from here better view, Tushar says quite, dadi starts singing, Sashi starts dancing n everyone joins him,dadi teasing Dadu while dancing, nikita says parikshit look it’s anokhis bag I’m taking keys from it n opening the tank.

Dadi calls Tushar n says stay here, Tushar says what will I do in ladies function, dadi says see here’s colourful thread n u have to decorates these pools, nikita says god this drama I can’t take it anymore, parikshit says why are u so upset, nikita says nothing. Dadi says u have to make a compound out if this threads n then walk into it without touching the thread n Anokhi come ever, Anokhi says yes, dadi says tie this cloth on tushars eyes,Pulkit says Jassi Anokhi is looking so pretty, Jassi says I will kick ur a*s, dadi says Anokhi this ritual is Bihari n it’s shows the love between u n ur spouse, Tushar so ready.

Anokhi blindfolds tushar, Anokhi while leaving stumbles but Tushar catches her hand without seeing, Anokhi is surprised, Kunal says wow see their connection , dadi starts laughing, Tushar leaves anokhis hand, Anokhi starts applying her Mehndi. Nikita checking her bag, Sashi comes n says oh hi aunty Anokhi needs her bag n takes it. Kunal guiding Tushar, dadi says don’t use black n white thread, Tushar starts with red thread, Vrinda says to Anokhi such weird ritual, Tushar starts tying different colours threads to the columns.

Vrinda says Jassi click a picture of me n Anokhi, Jassi clicks picture, Vrinda says thanku, oh my daughter is looking so pretty. Dadu walks to Dadu n says see I wrote ur name in my hand, Dadu says good go look after the guests, dadi leaves, Dadu makes a call.

Anokhi looking at Tushar, Sashi says Anu here’s ur bag, nikita keeping an eye on anokhis bag, Jassi clicking Anokhi Sashi n Vrindas pictures, Vrinda says nikita plz come apply Mehndi, nikita says no way, I mean I don’t like the smell I’m allergic to it. Dadi says Sashi click my pictures too, dadi sits beside Anokhi n pouts while clicking pictures but Anokhi busy seeing Tushar, Jassi is very jealous of Anokhi n so slowly kicks the table n drops the bowl of Mehndi.
Tushar asks Kunal what was that noise, Anokhi looks at Jassi, Jassi thinks oh god I hope she didn’t see me kicking I have to be careful next time.

Jassi says oh sad now how will Anokhi apply Mehndi on her other hand it’s a bad sign too, Tushar says Kunal tell me, Kunal says nothing u finish this fast, Kalpana picks up the Mehndi n cleans the mess,Jassi says this is so sad, Kalpana says here’s Mehndi, everyone very happu, Jassi says Kalpana don’t u know anything u will give fallen Mehndi take it away, Kalpana says this sunset afllen one I had made some extra Mehndi for sake of emergency, dadi says Kalpana very good n come sit apply Mehndi, guests say she is maid why will she apply Mehndi, dadi says Kalpana u come, Kalpana says no issues I will apply later, anokhi says Kalpana come sit beside me, Kalpana takes her seat, Anokhi says apply her Mehndi, Kalpana says it’s fine I will later, anokhi says u helped me so u deserve it.

Nikita takes keys from anokhis bag n says every key has M on it, this is all her plan to divert us but I will not give up n try every single key n find the right one, u give this bag to Kalpana I’m going near tank u come there. Nikita climbs to tank n starts trying them. Anokhi thinks Tushar sir is still upset but I have an filmy idea to patch up.

Precap : nikita says to Anokhi today we will have third challenge so that if u win we can have wedding function tomorrow, Tushar asks what’s the third challenge, nikita says lie detector test.

Written Update by Tanaya

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