Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th July 2016 Written Update

Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th July 2016 Written Update

Jassi cuts the connecting wire to cylinder, Anokhi walking to kitchen, Priyanka sends Anokhi image of papa n Vrinda n asks did she patch up with Tushar, Anokhi says no yaar n goes to kitchen, Jassi waiting near window n keeping eye on her.

Arora says to Dadu Anokhi is winning all challenges so how do I believe that Tushar will marry Parul,Dadu says I’m giving u word n dint u trust me, Anokhi won’t marry Tushar come what may, chill stay calm n here is Shagun Mehndi for Parul, Arora says n what if Anokhi wins challenge,Dadu says unjust keep one thing in mind Tushar will marry Parul on the wedding day. Arora accepts the Mehndi challenge.

Anokhi unaware of gas leakage is cooking in kitchen, Anokhi looks around for match stick to light the stove, Jassi says once u find match stick boom n my wish will be fulfilled. Jassis wheel chair gets stuck when she is abt to leave, Anokhi abt to light the match stick, Jassi stands to runaway but sees dadi n acts as if she is fallen n shouts Anokhi no, Anokhi gets scared n stops, dadi rushes n asks what happened, dadi says oh no gas is leaking.

Jassi says Anokhi how careless of u, can’t u smell gas leakage,Tushar picks match stick, Pulkit puts of the cylinder, Tushar says Anokhi has cold n so she might have didn’t smell the gas, Jassi says Anokhi u really are a pain for everyone, Pulkit says the cylinder wire is damaged n all empty, Jassi says oh no where will any cook food now, Pulkit says in garden in tandoor, Tushar says bhabhi there are lot of insects n it’s raining too how will she do it.

Luv washing his feet, a Scorpio near him, Anokhi says sir I will manage no worries, Tushar ignores her n leaves,dadi says Anokhi how will u, Anokhi says I will manage, I don’t know to use tandoor but have eaten food cooked on it, Kalpana says I will get u tandoor ready in garden,Anokhi shares her trouble with priyanaka, priyanak asks how will u manage now, priyanak trying to sue dryer asks Anokhi what’s wrong with ur dryer, Anokhi says bye now I got an idea n says Kalpana, Kalpana says yes I heard u need a dryer to dry these wet logs, Anokhi says wow Kalpana u are so helpful n efficient.

Jassi sees Anokhi managing in garden n gets upset, Anokhi lights the tandoor,Jassi asks Kalpana to go press Sarees, Kalpana says I’m done with it n dadi has asked me to help Anokhi. Anokhi starts cooking food, Jassi sees her n says it’s already 11.30 n so Anokhi won’t finish in time n leaves.

Anokhi cuts her finger, Anokhi looks at watch it’s 12 n tries calling Jassi but she ignores n leaves. Anokhi cooking with wounded finger, Anokhi says Kalpana how come ur on my side this time, Kalpana says dadi asked n so n now work fast. Kunal asking Tushar to go help Anokhi, Tushar trying to ignore him. Anokhi comes in garden n sees all vegetables cut, Tushar says Kunal don’t bother me, Anokhi thinks who must have cut these n also finds a bandage on table, Anokhi sees Tushar looking at her, Tushar Ignores her again, Kunal says what’s wrong with u, Tushar says she will manage u come with me we are going to tailor,Kunal sees Anokhi abt to taste food n says don’t remember the challenge, Anokhi says yes yes n sees Tushar n says sir I need help, Tushar leaves.

Anokhi says god when will Tushar sir talk to me, the Scorpio in garden where Anokhi cooking. The Scorpio gets onto anokhis clothes, Anokhi feeling hot, n sees Tushar standing with fan in front of her, Anokhi gets very happy, she rushes to the fan, Kunal sees Tushar n Anokhi n looks at Tushar n says u are a softy like a soft toy, Anokhi says sir , Tushar walks away.

Precap : Anokhi n Kalpana working, Kalpana asks what next, Anokhi says Kalpana just wait n watch.

Written Update by Tanaya

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