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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 27th June 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with daddu thanking arora for coming and joining them so that tushar and rupal and tushar can know each other. By the time daddu sees someone’s shadow and turns around and finds no one. Anokhi on terrace finds kunal and decides to tell him the truth but when she moves ahead she finds daddu there and returns back.on the other hand gautam explains the dealers that we can show everyone that we have the purest honey which can be displayed over internet and this video will be shoot by shashi. Shashi hands over the camera to priyanka so that he can shoot his video while his wearing protection helmet. And when the person in charge tries to show gautam the pure honey priyanka gets a cramp and which gives a push to gautam and which spills the honey and priyanka gets some honey on her face and all the honeybees comes and bites which results in swelling of her lips while all the workers are cleaning it the person in charge cancels the deal. There in malick house anokhi messages tushar and calls him in the office and when he reaches there anokhi starts shouting at him that she will tell kunal (tushar) about it but when tries to stop her, her kurtas some part gets torn and comes in his hand and she gets angry and she shouts at him and by the time jessy locks the door and at the same time anokhi runs out but finds door locked and both if them start banging the door. By the time jessy goes and tells pulkit that u have got a chance to insult tushar. In basement tushar removes his waistcoat and gives it to anokhi and by the time jessy and pulkit reaches there jessy starts shouting everyone comes and sees anokhi and tushar together and anokhis kurta torn daddu gets angry and takes in room and gets angry on him. There when priyanka reaches home with others and when gautam tells his mom the whole story by stopping her from going to mall. Then she gets angry on priyanka for disturbing her family peace and priyanka gets upset and goes in her room gautam goes to her and tries to comfort her then after him his mom enters and gives her the medicine for her swelling lips and also tells her that she has invited her parents for dinner and the dinner too is ready and she leaves for mall for shopping. There anokhi tries to show kunal the video and she gets a phone call from her mom telling her that they were calling her thief.

Precap: Gautam gifts anokhi a new mobile she gets happy and tells him that now I can show kunal (tushar) the video but gautam tells her that he sold her old phone and she tells him that he has done it very wrong. 

Written Update by Tanaya

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