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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 24th June 2016 Written Update

Written Update by Sahir

( Anokhi is under misunderstanding that Tushar is manager n takes him as Kunal and Kunal as mailk n sons younger son I.e Tushar.)

Anokhi says to Tushar as u need gods blessings n leaves, Kalpana says Tushar I shall leave dadI must be waiting, anokhi says oh no dadi.

Jassi n nikita taking auditioning of singer for jagran, dadi comes in with all things and says this singer is good, Jassi says his budget is 5000, nikita says oh I thought 2500, Jassi signs the singer n he says yes 5000, dadu says enough of all these dont increase budget unnecessary I have selected the singer n calls parikshit n Pulkit n says these are our singers.

Parikshit says but I can’t sing, dadu says u will manage I know, Pulkit says but jagran, dadu says n Jassi n nikita join them too, dadi says oh god this man.

Tushar says on phone to kuṇal I met anokhi in temple, u come here too, anokhi slowly spying on Tushar, she asks a pandit how much is this idol for, pandit says it’s noṭ for sale, Tushar comes n asks any problem, pandit says this is not for sale, if u really need this u have to take a dip in this water chanting godS name n remove 7 silver coins, anokhi says I’m allergic to cold water or wale would have jumped, this was for my mom actually.

Anokhi Sees kuṇal n says oh here is jr malik let me show him the video, anokhi turns around n sees Tushar jump in water, Kalpana says Tushar don’t come out son, n says anokhi he is allergic to cold water get him out, anokhi says why is he doing so n thinks may be so that I delete the video.

Anokhi sees Kalpana going very restless for Tushar n gets surprised, People start saying it’s deep down there we hope he is safe, Tushar searching for coins, anokhi says yes u manager come out n gives him hand to come out, Tushar reaches her hand and anokhi pulls him out.

Anokhi n Tushar stare at each other, Kalpana says are u fine, anokhi says are u mad just fir a idol u jumped what if something had happened, Panditji says here’s ur idol may God bless u, Tushar says thanku, Tushar says anokhi here’s ur idol, anokhi says Thanku n oh no I are shivering, n gives him his shirt n leaves .

Kalpana says tushaṛ why did u jump, Tushar says Kalpana I was very happy today n didn’t want ti see someone sad n so I did to make her happy, anokhi turns around n looks at Tushar, Tushar thinks I never thought I would do this for someone’s happiness n sneezes, anokhi smiles n leaves.

Anokhi reaches malik house n sees dadi, dadi says u ran away from market, anokhi says dadi I went to near by sweets shop see look n gives dadi, dadi says wow very sweet, Kalpana comes, anokhi says dadi I went krishṇa mandir too,anokhi looking for jr malik, Kalpana sayS Tushar n malik are on their way, dadi says come lets For jagran arrangements.

Anokhi to dadi says I have to show u secrete, dadu calls dadi n she says later, Vrinda calls anokhi, anokhi says ma I was abt to reveal n truth n u called , Vrinda says I’m going market u need anything ,anokhi says yes Tushar sir , Vrinda says U target just Tushar n managers true face will be received .

Precap : dadu says Jassi tent arranged, Jassi says dadu no one ready In budget u gave, anokhi says give me a chance n if I don’t Fire me.

Written Update By Tanaya

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