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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 22nd July 2016 Written Update

Anokhi says Jassi what happened yesterday with luv, Jassi says tell me abt ur house, how are u managing,Anokhi says we are managing u tell me abt luv. Jassi says actually it was my mistake n Pulkit was playing an rank with me he a,ready had got luv but before he told me luv was on terrace let me go check Tushar, Anokhi thinks I have a feeling like Jassi is lying.

Dadi says Tushar will come soon, Dadu says what as usual he ran away but this time it was his choice bride but still isn’t here oh no let me announce it cancelled, dadi says plz keep quite, nikita says I will try calling Tushar,mehras thinking why aren’t Maliks beginning with function, Dadu makes an announcement n says our son Tushar, Tushar rushes in, dadi says look Tushar is here,tushar walks in n looks at Anokhi n blushes.

Vrinda n papa walk to tushar, Tushar n Anokhi lost looking at each other,Dadu says how did he come, Tushar says Dadu I got stuck in traffics I’m very sorry,Tushar takes elders blessings,Dadu sees Parul n Arora n walks to them n says welcome, Anokhi is surprised to see parul n remembers meeting Parul n she blaming Anokhi for breakup.

Dadu says Arora come in don’t feel shy, let’s forget the past walk in, Vrinda says Anokhi is this the girl Tushar was gonna marry, anokhis ays I even met her in selfie Chowk that day, nikita upset abt all oily food,Vrinda scolds waiters n ask to serve them properly. Tushar says Anokhi I need to tell u two imp things, Anokhi says I know u must be wanted to talk abt Parul, Tushar says listen to me plz, I was here to say that today u looking very beautiful this Kenya suits u very well, Anokhi says really, I thought I was looking like a capsicum in this, Tushar says no no this color looks great on u, Anokhi says n what’s the other thing, tushar says its abt Parul n i wanna tell u, Parul doesn’t matter to me at all.

Vrinda says nikitaji plz don’t worry abt food, nikita says look at its so oily n leaves, Vrinda says Mrs Sharma people here know ur dog bullet so plz take care of him. Sashi starts sangeet ceremony n welcomes everyone,n stay tuned for fab performances, n big round of applause to our new couple,Kunal joins Sashi n says lets begin with sangeet n praises Tushar, Sashi n Kunal get into putting their respective parties, dadi asks Pulkit to send pics to Sumit, Anokhi says who is this now,nikita says dadi Sumit is busy with exams, No worries he will join us later, Tushar go join Anokhi.

Kunal says we are gonna have couple dance n thanks to Jassi bhabhi for this idea, Sashi says I have bowl with ladies names, gentle men walk to me pick a chit n dance with the lady whose names on chit.

Dadi says now Dadu will get angry, Dadu says wow this is fun, Dadi says how come u liked this idea, Dadu says just wait n watch, Pulkit adds alcohol to his juice n starts drinking, Sashi takes the bowl to Tushar, Tushar picks his chit, Dadu writes Paruls name in a chit n walks to Tushar n says look here there’s something on my coat n exchanges the chit n later says I will go check in washroom n leaves, everyone picks their chits.

Sashi reads his chit n says whose gaumti,dadi says its me, nikita with papa, Vrinda with Kunal, Pulkit with Jassi,parikshit with Priyanka,Gautam with Rajni, Pulkit says see even chit says its u,u are my truly life partner n anyways u must be feeling like dancing right come come,Jassi says Shutup n drinks pulkits drink n says get me one more n I hope this was a soft drink,Pulkit says yes it was n then later says now I will see a drunk Jassi today.

Pulkit gets drink for Jassi, Jassi drinks abt 4 glasses, Pulkit has mixed alcohol in them,Jassi says it’s tasty get me more,Tushar reads his chit, Anokhi looks at him n steps forward,Tushar reads Parul,Anokhi feels bad.

Precap : everyone dancing, Parul purposely gets close to Tushar, anokhi doesn’t like it.

Written Update by Tanaya

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