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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 17th August 2016 Written Update

Panditji asks bride n groom to exchange garlands,Parul stumbles but manages herself,Priyanka asks Anu are u fine, Parul just nods yes. Anokhi decides to break the window glass n throws makeup box in it n breaks it while getting out hurts her hand but manages herself out n Rushes to mandap. All brides n grooms get in line facing their respective Brides, Tushar says Anokhi are u fine u, u wanted to say something, plz say what is it, are u nervous, anyways it’s fine even I’m nervous,it’s my first marriage I mean sorry, just relax all will be fine n I’m with u n always will be, see this sign board do u like it. Anokhi sees a man with sign board as hers n says Tushar sir u waiting for me good see I want u tell u something I mean confess u something.

Tushar to Parul says don’t worry u will never be alone, Dadu says what are u doing Tushar go stand in ur place, dadi says don’t bother him let him take his time. Anokhi to unknown man says I want to say something abt ur mom but he turns around n forwards his hand, Anokhi asks where’s ur ring.

Parul prays God plz keep my secret till this wedding takes place, brides n grooms exchange garlands. Anokhi walks to that man.tushar n Parul abt to exchange garlands, Tushar pauses a minute n thinks I feel something is wrong, Arora says Tushar what’s wrong,Tushar abt to remove Paruls ghungat n Anokhi sees the mans face n finds its someone else n Tushar sees Parul. Anokhi asks who are u. Tushar says Parul u here, Arora says to Dadu do something, Tilak asks why did Tushar stop, Vrinda says God knows, Jassi says Pulkit looks like Tushar doesn’t wanna marry Anokhi now, the man forces Anokhi n shuts her mouth n stops her from reaching Tushar.

Dadu walks to Tushar n says he is just nervous n wispers don’t reveal its Parul, u had promised me u will do anything in repay of 5 lakhs so u will marry parul in return, Tushar says Dadu, Dadu says u promised n so have to marry Parul n so exchange the garlands quickly. Tushar has Anokhi n his moments going all around in his mind n is in tears,Tushar says Dadu plz,Dadu says shut up n do it n forces Tushar, dadi finds it weird,nikita thinks if she tell Tushar abt contract I won’t leave her easily.

Tushar exchanges garlands, Anokhi trying to reach him,a man from behind hits man trying to force Anokhi, n holds anokhis mouth n pulls her out. Tushar thinks I love u Anokhi but looks like love is not in my favour, Parul thinks u lost Anokhi I win n Tushar is mine. Panditji asks couple to get ready for pheres, Jassi does the gatbandhan, bride n groom abt to start pheres, a knife cuts the gatbandhan of Parul n Tushar n Anokhi with the kidnapper at the door, Tushar n everyone else sees Anokhi n are surprised,Vrinda shouts Anu, nikita says if Anokhi is there whose with Tushar, Tushar rushes to Anokhi but kidnapper holds knife on her neck n asks to step back,nikita walks to Parul n removes ghungat n everyone sees Parul.

Nikita asks who are u,dadi says to Dadu u did it right,Dadu says I don’t know, Pulkit says Jassi u, Jassi says shutup I didn’t, Tushar going near Anokhi, Dadu stops him n says dare u take a step.

Precap : Anokhi In the car with kidnapper, Tushar following them but meets with an accident.

Written Update by Tanaya

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