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Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 11th August 2016 Written Update

Nikita says I don’t have whole day sign it, Anokhi is battling between tushar n her papa in her mind,Vrinda shouts Anokhi ur papa,Anokhi looks at those papers n signs them helplessly, Anokhi starts crying, nikita says u shd be happy ur papa will be fine now n u don’t love Tushar n so how does all this matter, n here’s keep this ring for 6 months cmon take it, Anokhi takes the ring,nikita says good girl, n now as per clause u shd do as I say so for starters slap ur self n a tight one.anokhi slaps herself, nikita says not fun anyways I have lot of time to have fun n remember I saved ur dads life. Anokhi walks away.

Arora asks Dadu are u sure wedding will take place tomorrow,Dadu says yes yes I have sent money u don’t worry, wedding will take place even if her dad has to come on stretcher now let me go n pray for his health he is a good Man U see. Everyone with anokhis family, Kalpana asks where’s Tushar,Vrinda says he is resting in other room,Jassi says chachi I couldn’t reach papa what now,Vrinda sees Tilak on stretcher n asks where are u taking him we will arrange money wait plz, Anokhi says ma they are taking him to operation theatre,I have managed money,Vrinda hugs Anokhi n starts crying.

Vrinda asks how did u manage money,Anokhi says ma I didn’t nikitaji did, dadi very happy hearing that,Vrinda hugs nikita n thanks her, dadi says thank god, Jassi says how did she, dadi says don’t worry all will be fine now,Priyanka faints, Gautam says u rest Priyanka, priyanks mother says how lucky is Anokhi to have such caring in laws, Gautam says Priyanka lets go in u need rest.

Nikita on call says yes done I’m still in hospital, dadi asks Jassi where’s luv, Jassi says oh yes where did he go, Kunal n Jassi start looking for luv, Anokhi sees luv praying n says dadi come here see, dadi calls Jassi n says see he is looking so cute, Anokhi walks inside the prayer room n joins luv, Tilak is been operated, everyone joins Anokhi n luv n prays for tilaks health.

Doctor tells everyone that Tilak is out of danger, luv says to Vrinda nani see nanu is fine now, Anokhi hugs Vrinda n starts shedding tears of happiness, Anokhi rushes to operation room n says thank god papa u are safe,thanku doctor n hugs him too. Sashi thanks Tushar, Anokhi sees Vrinda thank Tushar, Tushar says plz don’t embarrass me. Vrinda says u saved my husband I can never repay for that unlike others n looks at Priyanka, luv says anokhi masi stop crying now,nurse asks Tushar to rest.

Anokhi walks to tushars room,she gives him tea n biscuit, Anokhi starts crying again,Tushar says here’s u have biscuit but stop crying,Anokhi hugs him n says I’m very sorry,Tushar asks why are u sorry, calm down see ur papa is fine too now, Anokhi says thanku u saved my papa, Tushar says first sit down,n don’t be sorry or thanku, u n me are together n so are our families,n it’s just my blood not a gift that u got to thank me,anokhi says it’s more worthy than a gift but in return I, Tushar says what do u mean.

Precap : Anokhi falls in nikitas feet n says plz don’t make me do this, I can’t cheat Tushar sir, a their snatches the contract papers from nikitas hand n runs away n dashes Tushar.

Written Update by Tanaya

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