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Gulmohar Grand [Last Episode] 13th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Annie and Neil seeing Yuvi unwell and panicking as all the kids get suffering. The hotel staff get panicked and wish Anirudh was here. Ronnie smiles saying the party has just started. Anirudh is unconscious. Annie thinks how will she manage this situation. She tries getting an ambulance and cries. Neil asks her to relax. Tina asks shall we inform Jaitley. Annie says no, we should not disturb him. Teeshay answers the media about Param’ son Yuvi’s state.

Teeshay cries calling Jaitley. The physician and his group checks the children and convey to Annie about food stuff poisoning, it means the resort food items was contaminated, the make any difference will get serious. Param lifts Yuvi and asks Annie what did she say, he advised her about his no typical birthday disorders and everything happened, Yuvi shed his mum on his birthday and he has some phobia, and now this meals poisoning, I will You should definitely sue both you and your lodge. Annie cries. Neil states its not your mistake. Annie suggests but it had been my accountability, I don’t understand how did chefs did mistake.

Neil states possibly its an individual’s preparing. The law enforcement concerns file prison scenario against lodge and his manager. Annie takes all of the obligation and asks Neil not to state nearly anything. She goes Using the law enforcement. Tina states Anirudh might have managed All of this. Teeshay and Neil run to Anirudh. Ronnie smiles observing the resort state and calls Meghji. Ronnie asks for 50% stake from the lodge and Meghji agrees. Ronnie thanks him and finishes connect with. Meghji receives offended on Ronnie and thinks to kill him.

Neil wakes up Anirudh. Anirudh asks could he not hit him light. Neil apologizes to him and tells about Annie’s arrest, and another person sabotaging the lodge. Meghji messages Anirudh that Ronnie is carrying out all this. Anirudh states whatever the motive, this is the only lead Now we have. Teeshay says This may be Improper way too. Anirudh claims perhaps, but lets follow it and bring Annie out of jail. Jaitley receives Meghji’s information that Annie is in challenge, and phone calls him.

Meghji states its really serious, see tv, I’ll maintain. Jaitley checks the news and will get to know The complete make a difference. He sees Annie likely with the police. Meghji asks for the hotel deal and argues with him. He claims he will explain to the identify of the one that did All of this. Jaitley thinks why did Anirudh not connect with me, I should get in touch with him, but no, Anirudh is…. He sees the news and will get apprehensive.

Neil and Teeshay check out police station and tries to get Annie out. The inspector asks him to use bail in courtroom tomorrow. Neil fulfills Annie and asks her not to worry, they try tough to get her out, don’t shed hope, Anirudh and Teeshay are discovering, Anirudh loves Gulmohar, and he is trying tricky to avoid wasting you and resort. She asks about Jaitley. Neil states I don’t know, whether he is aware of it or not, I promise you may be out soon and retains her hand. She smiles. Neil asks her to acquire treatment and leaves.

Anirudh tells Teeshay that we need an individual whom Ronnie would not know, who will or not it’s. Tina suggests Abby and phone calls him. Tina says He’s my brother, he is able to acquire hazard to save Annie and Gulmohar. Abby thinks he arrived for her mission and now Tina produced him caught in conserving Gulmohar. Teeshay states I belief him, I am aware him very well. Anirudh states welcome in our team and tells about Ronnie. He says if Ronnie is actually behind this, he has got to buy this.

Jaitley comes to rescue Annie and asks inspector to arrest him, not his grand daughter. Annie cries and claims mum Nana has recognized me. Annie phone calls him Nana. Jaitley apologizes to her and cries. She states no, just cooperate with me, you won’t refuse in court docket which i m Energetic GM, please. Ronnie beverages wine which is happy. Abby phone calls Ronnie and blackmails him with regards to the foods poisoning make a difference. Ronnie suggests say nearly anything, I m not anxious. Abby claims I’ve footage. Ronnie will get tensed and asks what Do you need. Anirudh gets happy that Ronnie acknowledged. Abby suggests 25 lakhs. Ronnie asks how will I get funds so shortly, and Abby ends phone. Anirudh says very well accomplished, many thanks.

Anirudh says Ronnie is driving All of this, All set Abby. Abby nods. Annie thinks about Neil. Neil states I can’t see Annie anxious. He feels Annie isn’t going to care of his standing, that he’s small employee, she won’t make him puppet. Anirudh phone calls Neil and asks wherever is he, he has imp perform. Neil says I m on. Jaitley says I wished to clearly show the world his granddaughter, and All of this transpired. Annie did a lot of for me, I would like Anirudh was with me at this hard time. Anirudh comes to him. Jaitley will get shocked. Anirudh claims sorry to come similar to this, I have negative behavior to worry to suit your needs and hotel, you may scold me. Jaitley and Anirudh cry.

Jaitley states Meghji is inquiring me the lodge for helping Annie. Anirudh asks what did he say. Jaitley suggests he has some proof which can conserve Annie. Anirudh suggests We’re going to help save Annie and hotel. Jaitley asks him to do just about anything to avoid wasting Annie and Gulmohar grand. Anirudh states he will do just about anything. Jaitley hugs him and cries. Anirudh guarantees he received’t Allow anything come about to Gulmohar and Annie.

Abby goes to meet Ronnie. Ronnie scolds him and asks where would be the proof. Abby asks for The cash, and claims he has witnessed every little thing. Abby says I can explain to everyone that you choose to were at the rear of the poisoning, Consider what’s going to happen. Ronnie aims gun at him. Abby receives stunned. Ronnie shoots him. Abby falls down. Ronnie admits his criminal offense and laughs. He asks his Males to remove Abby. Ronnie gets shocked viewing Anirudh recording every little thing. Anirudh slaps Ronnie.

Ronnie asks his Adult men to conquer Anirudh and turns to discover Neil and Abby. Abby states you will be protection head, did you not listen to about bullet proof jacket. Ronnie says listen to me Sir. Anirudh beats him. Anirudh asks Ronnie who supported him During this sport, hear this and performs Jaitley speaking with Meghji. Ronnie gets stunned and says Meghji did this with me, Meghji has despatched Saloni to receive resort. Ronnie is arrested and inspector many thanks Anirudh for his assistance.

Annie is introduced. She hugs Jaitley and claims she may be very pleased. Jaitley apologizes. Annie many thanks Anirudh for preserving Gulmohar and her. Anirudh states This can be my obligation, which got done now, get treatment Jaitley. Jaitley stops him stating he gained’t operate Golmohar alone, don’t go. Neil suggests congrats Annie. Annie hugs him. Neil says I had been pretty concerned for you. Annie suggests I do know. Anirudh and Jaitley appear on and smile. Jaitley suggests I could not accept Mayuri’s really like, I will not repeat this mistake with Annie, I am aware Neil did a lot for conserving Annie, its true appreciate. He joins their arms and smiles. Anirudh claims congrats to both of you. They see Ronnie there. They leave for property. Ronnie thinks he is not going to go away Meghji, police might have come to arrest him far too. Meghji will get arrested by police.

Its morning, Abby states We’ve to alter our goal, Gulmohar team may be very united, no person has question on me, we will go away from below. He turns and sees Teeshay. Abby claims he was talking to mum. Teeshay provides his promotion letter and suggests you have earned it, congrats. Tina suggests you did great, Anirudh is supplying you with 10 lakhs for helping Gulmohar. Abby gets happy. Tina proposes Teeshay for relationship. Teeshay states ofcourse, I don’t feel this, I’ll marry you. They smile.

Pallavi states congrats and gives a bouquet to Anirudh, saying you are back again to the appreciate and fervour, I m pleased that you are delighted, its new begin of our friendship. They get close friends. He claims he wishes to keep her relationship right here in Gulmohar grand. She hugs him. Shreya sees them. Anirudh asks Pallavi being delighted. She leaves. Shreya appears to be at Anirudh and cries. She suggests congrats Sir, I m joyful to find out you delighted right after quite a while. Anirudh suggests Pallavi is agreeing to me, I need to make her marry Nikhil listed here in Gulmohar. Shreya smiles and suggests that’s excellent.

Anirudh states I learnt a whole lot from Jaitley, he stated if anybody does everything for somebody, it has accurate adore guiding the efforts, And that i feel I received your face infront of me, you need to do a lot for me with devotion, and proposes her. She smiles and hugs him. Jaitley, Anirudh, Annie, Neil and every one of the employees welcomes Every person in Gulmohar Grand.

The show gets a happy ending.

Written Update By Sahir


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