Girls On Top (Finale) 29th September 2016 Written Update

Girls On Top (Finale) 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top written update

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Girls On Top (Finale) 29th September 2016 Written Update

Sahir brings coffee for Tapasia and tells her he is going to Delhi, would she like to be with him. Tapasia was cheerfully ready. She sits back to feel tired and asks for massage. She and Sahir share an eye lock, Tapasia stands to face him. Isha arrives at Sahir’s home, and practices about telling Sahir she loves him. Sahir and Tapasia hug together, getting cozy with each other. Tapasia takes a minute from Sahir and leaves. Suddenly, Isha opens the door. Sahir was shocked to see her. Isha says she came to tell him… but watches Tapasia come out in towel from the washroom. Tapasia was concerned and asks Isha if everything is fine that she is here so late. Isha says she came to return Sahir’s home keys while passing by, she apologizes regretting having arrived. Sahir inquires if she is sure, Isha wonders what else can be the reason. Isha keeps the keys aside and returns to her room crying. Gia lights the lamp concerned, and wakes Rave up too. Isha hiccups while telling the girls she lost Sahir, he has moved on. The hug her. Sahir hugs Tapasia who leaves his place. Sahir watches Isha’s photo on his desktop before shutting it down.
The gang shoot for their album. Sahir comes to Isha on a side and asks if she had to say something. There, Gia comes to talk to Azher, Azher insists on her to have a sip of coffee first. Tapasia announces that today she would edit the song and upload on YouTube and by tomorrow she would be super famous. She further informs them she and Sahir are going to Delhi, Sahir says it’s a concert there and he is happy about getting the concert. A parcel arrives for Guru, Sahir questions if he is going on a road trip. Guru qualifies it’s time to say good bye to them, he is leaving Mumbai back to village. They were all concerned, Guru assures it’s nothing about tension. Rave announces that they must let him go, he needs some space and they must let him go. Isha suggests Rave to speak for once with him. Guru hugs Azher and Sahir before going to Rave.
Rave tells Guru running away must never be an option, but if he has decided he must take time. It’s a good idea to be self-dependent. Guru says he doesn’t depend on anyone. Guru asks if she won’t stop him for once, Rave says no. Guru takes his luggage, then says he isn’t running away, there are two kinds of people; practical and emotional. He was emotional but would change himself, so that never again someone makes an emotional fool of him.
At home, Gia complains Rave about not stopping Guru. Rave argues can’t they spend their lives without a guy. Isha says Guru genuinely cares about her. Rave was irritated and asks isha to care for Sahir who is going with Tapasia, she has to communicate her feelings to him before he leave. Isha tells them to let them go. Rave insists this isn’t right, she must not hide the truth from Sahir. Isha says if they are convinced, Gia and Rave says they are convinced. Gia tells Isha once Sahir has left, she would regret for not telling him. Isha agrees.
Sahir comes to the practice room, and looks around. Isha switches the lights on, he was glad she came to meet him. He and Tapasia both wanted to meet her, as she helped them get together. Isha confirms, Isha share with Sahir she is happy he finally moved on. Sahir says it was difficult, he is happy it happened. Isha says she is going to tell him something, he would hate it but she wants him to know the truth. She accepts on being impulsive and strong headed, she was wrong while she forced him to move on; she would never be able to move on. She tells him that I love you, I wish I could hug you and cry over your shoulder. Sahir was frustrated, saying you can’t do this to me. Isha says I tried hard not to tell you but couldn’t resist. Sahir says I hate you for this. Isha replies I love you, then says his life would be better with Tapasia and hopes Tapasia is better than her. She leaves.
Azher comes to hug Gia from behind on the pool side. Gia says she wants to tell him something, it may leave him in shock but… Maryam arrives with Riffat Bi and Faisal there. She asks him to hear the truth about Gia first. Azher asks them to tell the truth. Maryam scolds them to speak the truth. Riffat Bi says Gia has been spying on Maryam. Azher wonders why? Riffat tells Azher that Gia thinks Maryam was involved in his father’s death. Azher was offensive why she dragged his dragged father to accuse his mother. He complains she promised yesterday about no more secrets, she is really a wrong choice for him and shouts at her to get out. They are over. Gia turns to leave.
The next morning, Gia was crying under the shower. Azher sat upset outdoor. Sahir and Isha were also doomed, Sahir sitting beside his luggage.
The video had been uploaded on youtube but they were still confused about their futures striving for their lives seperately.

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