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Girls On Top 9th June 2016 Written Update

Isha opens the door to Mr. Mathew and the land lord. He tells the girls their rent would increase from next month. The girls argue, the landlord demands to empty the flat if they can’t pay the rent.
There, Sahir asks Azher what its about. Azher says someone misbehaved with Gia and it is his mistake. Sahir tells him not to worry, this is all new for her. Azher says alright, he must give her some space. Sahir tells Azher that girls don’t need space when upset, he must give her care and attention and call her. Azher says Gia is a different person, Sahir urges him to call her. Azher makes a call to Gia but she wasn’t attending.
Gia tells Rave to cut short their electricity expenses, she would not leave the room without turning fan and AC off, and they would use less of washing machine. Isha calls Ashima to take care of UC as she would be a bit late. Gia panics, while Rave calms her down. Rave does some calculations to save 10,000. Gia watches the list and asks her to see if it’s ten or just one thousand. Isha tries to speak, both points their fingers on Isha not to tell them be positive. Isha tells them it’s her last day in office on Monday, and they must panic. There is a door bell again, Mr. Mathew tells the girls that Gia’s mother sent a cook from Kolkata, he was confused why he is a Punjabi and calls Guru. Girls get the idea all at once, as Guru winks towards them. Mr. Mathew leaves nodding. Rave, Isha and Gia calls him to be really sweet. Rave calls Guru to be her savior, Guru explains that she shared her problem with him and he thought about shifting with her. Rave hugs him tight, she complains she convinced him to stay here, but when she was in trouble he rushed to her side. She thanks him. Guru was concerned all at once watching her tears. He assures he is always her side, be it any direction. Isha and Gia rush to their jobs.
Isha watches the recording of underground dance when Sahir joins her. Isha calls it her new idea. She says a thanks to Sahir hugging him while he hugs her back tightly. A young dancer comes to take Sahir join them. Sahir says he has left this all, dancing and all. The young man compels Sahir to show it off to his girl. Sahir promises sometime else and stays behind. He hugs Isha again. Isha tells Sahir she watched him dancing on DJ hunt, but she didn’t know he was that into dancing. She says he never shared, but she just know he is the reason she got her new concept. Sahir calls himself a catalyst, this is totally her idea. Isha allows him the credit. Sahir asks her to own the concept and save her job, he was sure she can do this.
The next morning, Isha comes to coffee and thanks the man meeting her on such a short notice. He tells Isha she saw the raw dancer’s video and appreciates her passion. He assures about fixing her meeting with TT productions, she must come up with the presentation. Isha thanks Varun as he heads to leave. Sahir sat there with his face hidden behind a magazine, Isha thanks Sahir with her fingers crossed. She asks about their next visit, both come forward to hug, then confuses it with a hand shake; Sahir finally hugs her.
Isha was at the dance set. Gia and Rave were waiting for her, Isha calls them telling them she is shooting for her presentation. Gia takes Rave inside for confession party, they do it on phone. Gia confesses she hated the party. Isha advices her not to blame Azher for everything. Rave confesses that after Guru returned after two days of panic, she finally feels positive. Isha confesses she met a brand new Sahir, she doesn’t know him well but is falling for him. They cheer.

PRECAP: Rave and Guru spend time together. Gia asks Azher to forget her and leaves crying.

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