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Girls On Top 5th September 2016 Written Update

Tapasia has a foot strain and Sahir was helping her walk, when Isha and Gia watch them from the window. Isha opens the door and was upset watching them together. Gia wonders if Sahir is so religious, till when he began celebrating Ganpati. Tapasia asks why Isha is unaware that he celebrated Ganpati last year as well. Sahir replies that even last year they weren’t together at this time of the year.
Tapasia comes to Sahir’s room who helps her inside. He hides his shirtless stomach at once, and asks her to walk out for a while. He goes calling Guru in the washroom, who offers him join him. Sahir goes inside. Gia comes to the room to call Guru outside, she was shocked to hear Sahir and Guru at once.
In the hall, Isha comes to Gia asking if she should wear traditional for Ganpati. Gia thinks she would look different that way, they turn to see Tapasia arrive in traditional wear. Sahir compliments her to look beautiful. Isha hurries inside the room, Sahir comes from behind. Isha wipes her tears, Sahir comes to speak to Isha. He was about to speak to Isha about what she said yesterday, whatever she told him and Tapasia. Isha interrupts that Dance Reality Show is being postponed, as the channel needs good dancers. Isha clarifies she doesn’t want to speak about whatever she told him and Tapasia, Sahir complains that she wants to move on putting all blame over him. Isha walks out, Guru come to call him for aarti.
In the room, Azher dresses as traditional. Maryam comes to him, inquiring if he is aware what experience is. Azher replies its wisdom. Maryam replies it’s when you understand that little things really matter, she narrates a quote ‘for the want of a nail, the kingdom was lost’. Azher asks if he should wear this dress, Maryam inquires if he would abide by her suggestion; then forget it. Azher was speechless, Maryam removes his stroller suggesting him to forget it. She asks where he is going, Azher informs that it’s Ganpati at Sahir’s place. Maryam asks if Gia as well, Azher replies positively.
There, Gia was restlessly walking around as she needs to speak to isha, it’s really urgent and she isn’t picking up her call. Sahir suggests she can discuss her problem with them. Gia shares that she needs help. She says its three months that she and Azher are together, so she has booked the whole day of Azher after calling Nadia. Sahir asks if Isha suggested her about it, she is an expert about celebrating small events like this. They all tease him, then think about Azher’s surprise.
Maryam forbid Azher to go there.
Gia asks if she should book a cottage, Sahir rejects that t would cost her 25 thousand, she then suggests booking a whole restaurant. Sahir says it would cost her 50 thousand. Gia was upset all at once. Sahir suggests her to use his bedroom, for spending this day. Tapasia compliments that Sahir would get a special place in heavens for helping two lovers.
Azher was sure he want to go there. Maryam complains he doesn’t pay attention to his work at all. Azher says its festival day today. Maryam complains he is giving all attention and importance to Gia, he has been walking away from his own path and she now fears what if he converts in the name of this love. Azher minds that Maryam doesn’t trust him at all.
Azher arrives at the venue of festival. Isha comes to stand beside Azher at the door, watching Tapasia and Sahir together. Sahir turns around to call Azher inside, his guests go to take selfies with him. Sahir forbid Azher go with them, because of security reasons. In the way, he asks Isha if she isn’t coming along, she denies. Tapasia asks her to join them, they will have fun. Isha was uninterested. Sahir says he would have liked if she had come.
At night, Gia comes to Azher’s place hand in hand. Maryam greets her and offers her a dinner. She allows Gia to stay here as well, Gia denies the offer. Azher insists on Gia to have dinner, still Gia takes a leave. Maryam insists, Azher also requests her to stay. Maryam taunts if she would always make them plead. Gia says she isn’t really hungry, but Azher offers her a seat.
Isha was in the room, Sahir comes to speak to her. Isha says she also wanted to speak to him, she allows him and Guru to sleep in the bedroom and she and Gia will manage in the hall. Sahir walks towards her to speak about something else, she backs up to reach the wall finally. Sahir tells her that there is no escape, its better she face the matter. He asks doesn’t she feel she is assuming a lot taking him and Tapasia. Isha accepts she is his ex. Sahir clarifies he doesn’t have a girlfriend at present. Isha speaks about their chemistry, Sahir qualifies they can be good friends only. He was aggressive at once and leave enraged, ready to stop himself.
Gia speaks to Azher about the next day, Azher tells her that Nadia has booked his whole day with a meeting. Gia tells him that it’s their three months anniversary, and he must spend the whole day with her. Maryam watches them enjoy from upstairs.

PRECAP: At night, Gia and Isha discuss she might lose her virginity to Azher tomorrow. In the room, Azher and Gia share some intimate moments, Gia thinks about something and leave Azher at once.

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