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Girls On Top 5th July 2016 Written Update

Sahir says if he is moved or not is his concern, why share with her. She backs up saying alright, its time they share with each other what’s in their heart. Sahir argues if she ever shares her heart or mind. He isn’t blaming, he respect that. Isha understands she doesn’t discuss while taking decisions, but it’s high time for them to share their heart out. Sahir complains it’s so juvenile she never listen to him. He asks how she would score and her career on 10, she gives 7.5 on 10 to him and 8 on 10 to her work. Sahir considers the score not that bad, though he would have been happier if he was on 8. Isha asks is he upset. Sahir asks why he would be. Does she consider him as selfish? Isha says it’s only because of his past, Sahir questions if she realize she is also a part of his past. She was clueless. Isha asks if he think she should be a part of his past. Isha asks if this isn’t so weird that they live so separately. Sahir qualifies it’s her decision, Isha asks didn’t he agree? Sahir says she wants to focus more on her career, it’s really a good idea for them to stay away. Isha thanks him and turns to leave. Sahir asks another question, if she would ever be able to trust him in future? Isha says she doesn’t know, did he ever feel for Megha or any other girl what he feels for her. Sahir insists never, he never felt what he feels for her.
Rave and girls were in café, when she calls him a super star. He talked about two things together, they are better away and he never felt for anyone what she did for her. She was curt and comes to hint about Gia and Azher’s kitchen romance. They come to discuss Guru, Gia and Isha insists that he is nice but Rave says they both aren’t suitable for each other.
Gia comes to Azher’s shoot. She calms herself down. Isha comes to studio where Ashima was watching a video, she asks for a list. She sits on her chair and plays the video, it was about bringing boyfriends from bringing out of the illusion of prince charming. She keeps on answering all of Isha’s questions, she suggests her to say a yes to her boyfriend’s yes. She suggests her to wear Indian traditional dresses to her boyfriend, he would only like this.
Azher comes to changing room, and asks Gia what this all is, pointing towards the basket. Gia calls it a little picnic that will give him a break. She lights the candles on the table and serves the eatables. Azher says it seems like a date. Gia qualifies it is a date. She feels his stare over her face. Azher says if he isn’t mistaken, he feels she is behaving like his girlfriend. Gia smiles and says she is, almost. Azher was shocked to hear this from her, then laughs.
Isha comes to the conference hall, Sahir asks if they should begin the work or lunch. Isha was about to disagree for lunch, then recalls that the video girl told her to agree with her boyfriend. She leaves it over him, he asks if she would like Chinese or Japanese. She selects Chinese, but Sahir asks for Japanese and heads to order Sushi. They sit for work, Sahir suggests a boy that Isha was about to disagree, then says alright she was mistaken. Sahir says never ever have I heard Isha confessing her mistake. The order arrives, Sahir pays him extra tip as he is happy today. Isha feels nauseatic watching Sushi, but manages to hide her dislike. Sahir shares her utmost happiness with her.
At home, the boys can’t digest girls being so nice to them. Guru was upset about not being able to go to Rave’s invitation for coffee. Sahir and Azher insist he must stay away from Rave else he will lose her. They were still talking when there is door bell, Sahir, Guru and Azher were shocked watching Isha stand in a traditional attire.

PRECAP: Sahir pushes Guru and Azher out of the house. Sahir and Isha have moments with each other.

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