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Girls On Top 4th May 2016 Written Update

Isha was upset about Sahir, while he drank on a roadside.
Azher caresses Gia’a hair.
Guru was lost in Rave’s kiss, still sitting there beside kitchen bar.
Azher wonders what is in Gia that makes her so special and captivating. He turns to leave, Gia holds his hand and tells him she has something important to say. He sits beside. Gia again feel drowsy, Azher holds her face and makes her lay on bed again. She holds his hand back, she tells him it was her, she wrote that secret girlfriend’s articles. She is sorry, she got all those photos printed. She apologizes, Azher removes his hand from hers while she keeps on murmuring apologizes and acceptance. He leaves the room.
The next morning, Rave snatches Gia’s quilt who resists, asking her to shut the curtain. Rave cheers that now Gia nows know painful the hangovers are. She asks Gia what happened last night, Gia says she doesn’t remember. Rave tries to feel her embarrassed. Isha comes there and scolds Rave to get ready and asks Gia if she has a hangover, memory fail? Isha forbids Rave to tease her. She and Rave tease Gia about her and Azher being together in Isha’s room. Isha explains she found Gia on bed. Gia was worried. Rave explains her the position that further shocks Gia. Isha then explains there was nothing like this, Azher must have left helping her in bed. Isha warns Rave to get ready now, else they would get late.
Azher throws away the articles curtly on pool side and goes inside.
Isha and Rave come to studio. Isha tells Rave to go to Ashima about everything she has to ask. UC warns Rave to punctual as she is ten minutes late. He sends Rave inside and asks Isha to begin the shooting. Isha and Ashima discuss, UC is too calm to be normal. The boss comes there, greeting everyone including Rave. The shooting begin. They play some bts videos of all the contestants and judges. Everyone enjoy them. There is Isha’s video then, she enters Sahir’s room. Sahir and Isha were shocked, as it was bts of Isha and Sahir kiss. UC wickedly smirks, Isha cries as Isha had left pushing Sahir away in the room. The contestants stand to make videos of Isha. The boss was enraged.

PRECAP: Rave blames herself, Sahir looks for Isha. Gia, Rave and Sahir look for her, while Isha had vanished.

Written Update by Sona

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