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Girls On Top 3rd May 2016 Written Update

Sahir was confused about Isha’s talk with Gia, Isha explained to Gia Sahir was being physical with Shreya and she lost control, she asks Gia if she should trust him or not. Sahir finally comes out slapping the door aloud.
Azher comes towards Gia, her vision blurs due to drinking and rubs her eyes. Azher asks if she is fine. She tells him she can see two of Azher Khan here. He tells her he is right here, she can speak to him and asks her about her secret. Gia had a hangover. Azher asks what was in that drink, he smells the glass saying its rum and vodka. Gia takes Azher to a room and puts the bolt up pinning him to the door.
Sahir asks Isha what she has to ask. Isha accuses him of cheating, he was listening to her conversation. Sahir explains he wasn’t there deliberately. They have an argument again. Sahir calls Gia as random person, Isha was irked and insists they are her family. Sahir asks why they have breakups. Isha says because it was meant to be, she had a breakup with him this time because for him only physical relations matter. Sahir held his head over it, both shout I hate you to each other. Sahir holds her to wall, both repeat their statements, then give up joining their foreheads.
Azher tells Gia she is drunk and is unaware what she is doing right now. Gia opens her eyes wide saying she knows what she is doing. Azher smiles. Gia confesses she likes him. Azher says she didn’t like actors. Gia insists she has started liking an actor. Azher wonders if she is praising him or insulting… Gia kiss his nose there and then. He asks her to take rest. Gia kiss his cheek again and complains he spoilt her first kiss, for a girl her first kiss is the most important. Azher was about to explain when she kiss him again, then says second kiss as well. They get physical with each other.
Guru comes to Rave, she complains about being bored because of Bollywood music. Isha and Gia had also vanished, then asks Guru if he enjoyed? Guru praises Roshali’s arrangement, then gives her a gift. She was excited, it comes out to be flowers. He explains plastic flowers are special as they last long, it’s his first gift for her; it will always stay with her. Rave hats off to Guru for such an interesting gift and kiss his cheek. He blushes, envisioning their wedding as well.
Isha and Sahir were intimate with each other, Isha questions Sahir why he was physical with Shreya. Sahir tells her she made him do this all, the fake girlfriend drama, Shreya’s entry and all. She has trust issues with him, she has to decide what she wants else they will always wander around roads. He heads to leave, warning her to decide what she expects from him, if she has any or not. Only she can get all the answers, he is leaving her and her questions alone. Rave finds Sahir leaving the room, Isha cried inside. Rave comes inside.
Gia tells Azher there is something important she has to talk about. She faints over his chest in her hangover. He holds her in his arms helping her to bed and sits beside her as she sleep.
Isha tells Rave about all story. Rave advocates Sahir this time, Isha was shocked Rave took his side. Rave insists Isha wanted to understand Sahir. It was her idea to bring in Shreya, Isha explains she had no option. Rave insists she always had. She presented Shreya to Sahir on a platter. She explains no matter Sahir and Shreya’s love story is fake, still its love story.
Gia stops Azher saying she needs to tell him something.

PRECAP: UC plays a BTS video of Sahir and Isha’s kiss in studios. The boss and everyone was shocked, UC smirks.

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