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Girls On Top 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Azher asks Gia to go to his farmhouse, he has been planning a date for many days. Gia was reluctant to go just because of reporters. Isha comes inside asking who is going where, Azher says they are all going for a vacation. Gia agrees then.
The boys arrive together, Guru calls Azher as Joru ka Ghulam as he sent girls in big car and himself came in taxi. Sahir wonders why he even came here. Azher asks him to enjoy his life the way it is. They dance on beat of songs.
Gia and Isha come out of their car, and wonder why the boys are so happy. They all come inside together, Guru makes a video of Azher’s farm house where Azher’s childhood was spent. The care taker comes to greet Azher, he introduces him to his special friends. They all head inside. Gia watch Sahir and Azher play volleyball. Isha and Gia pose for the video, Gia turns to go inside. She tells guys to come inside when they get bored, Azher says this announcement means he has to go. Guru goes Isha’s video staring at Sahir.
Rave lay on the bed inside, staring at the roof. Guru knocks at the door and asks for her permission, Rave allows him. Guru says he heard about her job, she must not take tension. Rave says she thought he won’t speak to her. Guru says this isn’t possible, he respect all her choices. Rave tells Guru since he left, her life sucks. Her dad wants her to return, it seems luck has left her life. Guru assures being with Rave always, no matter wherever she goes. Rave hugs Guru saying she doesn’t want to go anywhere. Guru assures she will stay with her friends. Guru insists their wedding’s business is still there. He lay on the bed with video cam to show Rave the videos.
Azher couldn’t digest about Gia’s parent’s demand. Azher says he isn’t a random boy, he is a celebrity and is used to girls liking him, even their mothers. Sahir insists on Azher to enjoy the moment right now. Suddenly there is a thunderstorm. Gia stands up to take Azher outside. Sahir and Isha were left alone inside. Gia walks out and enjoys the rain. They share some intimate moments out in the rain.
Isha watches Sahir enjoying the rain alone. He notices her presence there, then heads on with his game. Sahir comes inside, Isha stops him there and asks if he is interested in releasing his music album. She would like to be its producer. Sahir says yes, but he has a condition. Isha asks what? Sahir announces in the middle of the group that if he creates a music album with Isha, he wants them all to be a part of that. He asks Azher to be the face of his music video. They all cheer, Sahir gives Guru the position of videographer. Guru was elated and gulps a whole drink. Isha gives Rave the position of inhouse DJ, and Gia being a script writer. They all hoot and cheer their own company.
Gia comes inside the hall, and comes to Faisal Mamu who was awake. She comes to help him, he shares with Gia that he loves it when Azher comes here. Happiness spread all around whenever he is here. He tells Gia it’s the first time he brought his friends here. Gia says that Azher has so many friends in industry. Faisal laughs that film industry’s friends are better in film industry only. They are real friends. He tells Gia that he has taken care of Azher’s father as well but soon after his Nikah everything was ruined. He left so soon. Gia asks if he had an accident, then tries to ask if it was Mrs. Khan, Azher’s mom. Faisal mamu takes a leave from Gia saying it’s late.

PRECAP: Rave asks Gia if she is ready to lose her virginity. Gia tries to escape, but Rave and Isha still tease and guide her. Gia and Azher are together in the room.

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