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Girls On Top 25th August 2016 Written Update

Isha and Gia look around recalling all their memories about decorating the flat. Guru comes worried that no one is ready to help them right now. Isha was concerned for Sahir’s bail, Gia was missing Rave.
The inspector says that Sahir can’t be released, media comes there. Sahir shouts from the lock up at Azher to leave, media is there. The inspector says Sahir broke a rule, he has already explained it. Tapasia comes to the station, and asks who filed the complaint against Sahir, under which section? The inspector was speechless, Tapasia asks if he must get a case against him then? The inspector releases Sahir. Sahir was shocked at releasing, Tapasia hugs saying she is happy to see him this way. Azher tells Sahir that she likes him. Azher gets girl’s message whose landlord want them to leave home.
At home, Mitali was accusing herself responsible. Azher says till the matter is solved, they can stay at his home. Guru hugs him for this, but Gia was reluctant for his mother. Azher assures he would speak to Maryam about it. Gia and Isha look towards each other. Sahir tells them what can go worse than this, they have gone to jail already. At least, they should all go with the floor. The decision was made, everyone head for packing. Sahir watches a vanity bag wondering what girls keep it in, Isha shows him her powder cream. They all stood with the luggage packed, Mitali cries saying it all happened because of her. The boys go teasing her; they all force her to smile and come for a group hug.
Azher hurries towards Maryam to speak to her, she takes him inside for something really important. Azher was shocked to see media, Maryam says she doesn’t want any negative controversy against him, he must give a statement that he has no links with people in jail. Azher was helpless, media journalists come to question Azher at which Maryam replies that Azher doesn’t know them. The cameras at once turn to the gang standing at the door with their luggage. Sahir comments its wrong timings.
In the room, Azher was annoyed with Maryam that if she keep on treating him like a kid, they will always be insulted. Maryam says she wanted to save him from disgrace. Sahir, Guru, Isha and gia were standing at the door trying to listen the conversation. Mitali sat with television remote and volumes high. Isha comes to take her along. Gia says she know what must be happening inside, Azher must be telling Maryam they are his best friends that she must understand. Sahir and Guru hear the conversation inside, and compliments Gia. Maryam argues with Azher that for her only he is important, he must not destroy his name and career like this. Azher was left speechless. They all disperse as the conversation ends. Azher opens the door and was shocked watching them all. He was speechless and walks to the terrace. Gia comes to hold his hand, they all join. Azher was helpless, his mother isn’t ready to hear. Gia assures him that our parents always wish the best for us, but sometimes our point of views are different; we must try and understand each other’s point of views as well. Guru calls Gia really sensible, Sahir wish everyone was sensible. Isha was offensive. Azher asks if they have another alternative, Sahir offers his home. Gia was reluctant as Sahir would also be sent out of there. They suggests for options of hostels or PGs. Azher suggests asking his friends, Maryam comes there announcing this is useless. She apologizes them all, she is always worried for Azher and his career matters for her; can she get another chance. Guru and Sahir forbid her to apologize, Isha was ok by leaving. Maryam announces they won’t, they will stay here till there is another arrangement. She stares towards Gia while being apologetic to Azher. Azher was elated and hugs her, while she looks towards Gia victoriously.

PRECAP: Azher and Gia share some intimate moments. Isha was crying, Tapasia comes to her to console. The boss announces that they will conduct a voting, and the one who gets more votes will lead the team.

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