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Girls On Top 25th April 2016 Written Update

Everyone cheered during DJ hunt, Isha comes there crying. Gia was upset watching her there. The show begin. Gia nods at Isha. Rave gets a text on GOT group about best wishes. There, Sahir asks Shreya to stay away from him, Shreya was upset. Sahir asks her not to do this acting about crying. Sahir comes to Rave, Shreya stands beside him but he jerks her hand away. Rave notices this. Azher comes there, he says Hi to Rave and asks if she is fine. Sahir meets Azher and says he is a singer here. Azher comes to stage, the winner was to get a contract and the title of Best DJ. Guru tells Isha that if Rave wins this time, both the friends would get to work together. Azher makes an announcement about Desi Hoppers coming on stage. Guru perform, Sahir comes to stage and calls Shreya on stage as well. Shreya cheers h er own name. Gia asks Isha if she is fine. Isha nods. Sahir announces that the song he is going to perform is special in his life. Shreya cries. Shreya gives female vocals. Gia recalls how Sahir hugged her after his performances in the past after the same song. She had caught his cap as he went along with Megha and followed him to the college class. He came to speak to Isha, Isha had appreciated his performance. She tells him she never heard a better song in college festival. He asked if she is a fan, this song is hers from today onwards. Whenever he would sing this, it will be for her. Isha hugged Sahir, Megha disliked this and took him away.
Gia asked Isha if she wants to go back home. Isha cried but says she doesn’t want to run away. Shreya hugged Sahir but he prevented her. Rave watched this all. Gia gets a call and leaves. Rave watches another performance of the DJ hunt begin. Gia gets a call and speaks to a photographer to await her instructions where he has to take the photos and she only wants dark shots. She then calls Azher and asks if he is still there. He says he has to announce the winner, she asks if the option of watching the show together is still on. He smiles that dinner as well. She makes way for herself and comes to Isha informing her that she has to go for a while. Isha asks what happened. Gia tells her she called photographer, now she has to go to Azher’s room and do some acting.
The next contestant was Raveti Chauhan. Isha asks Gia to go, they will make Rave up. Gia leaves. Rave comes to stage to perform. Gia comes to Azher, she looks around and texts the photographer. Gia asks if he doesn’t have a choice to make Rave win, and even if there is someone else’s name even then he has to take Rave’s name. Azher suggests about announcing his own name. Gia watches some dresses, muffler and strollers of Azher and models for him. The photographer takes back shots from above.

PRECAP: Sahir holds Isha and pins her on wall. Isha says she can’t be physical with her, Isha cries. Azher was upset by Gia.

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