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Girls On Top 21st April 2016 Written Update

At night, the girls cheer as they eat in a restaurant. Isha thinks that at some point her dream had become nightmare.
Ashima appreciates Isha about her rehearsal hall. She asks Isha if her secret admirer sent any other gift, she still thinks it is Rossi. UC comes there and asks if he can say something? UC tells Isha that the DJ Hunt winner will join their Co. Isha repeats questioning? UC asks if she can’t follow a simple conversation. UC says yes, they must ask their contestants to be ready to perform, Sahir and Shreya will have the opening performance. Isha smiles wide, she tells Ashima her friend is also participating and if she wins she will be their crew member.
Rave was excited hearing Isha, she heads to make black coffee for everyone. Gia asks her to breath in, breath out. Rave sits for a while, then says this isn’t just a performance it’s THE performance. Guru says he read in a book that whenever she is nervous, she must imagine bare audience in front of her. Everyone ewws. He qualifies he never tried. Rave goes to get coffee for herself. Roshali feels Rave yougurt and sweet. Rave tells Roshali she isn’t superstitious. Roshali asks her to see what Guru is saying, Guru hides something in his pocket as Roshali winks at him. Rave goes behind Rave, Rave shows her some temple threads, and it’s a collection. Rave says he has gone completely insane. Isha says she is doing something for her, he must be crazy as she never appreciates. Rave looks towards Guru, says sorry and asks to keep them. Guru asks her to leave it, Rave insists. He finally gives her the threads. Guru wishes her luck. Roshali gives her yougurt and sweet, Gia and Isha hug her.
In the DJ Hunt competition, Isha gets a call from Ashima and assures her to come. She leaves, while Gia, Rave and Guru onsole Rave not to be nervous. Isha comes backstage where Sahir was selecting costumes. She stops at the door, Sahir turns to see her there. Isha seems to ignore him and come in. Shreya asks to change the costume, she demands a matching color to Sahir’s costume. Isha says it isn’t needed, Shreya says they must look to be a couple. She was brought in the show so that none other than Sahir is shown. Ashima drags Isha out, and asks her to relax. Isha questions where UC gets such characters, Ashima says they have to bear Shreya now. Rave comes to Isha nervous, Guru meets Sahir. Roshali and Guru appreciate Sahir, Isha leaves with Ashima. Rave takes Guru, Sahir wish Raveti best of luck. Rave stops for a while, says thanks and leaves. Gia takes Guru towards Sahir. They go inside excited, all were boy DJs there. Guru reminds her about their bet, Rave says she is just nervous. Guru says she is best. A man asks Rave her name and tells the rest to go out, the guest of honor is coming here; Azher Khan. Guru insists he knows them, but they have to go out. Rave takes a seat.

PRECAP: Isha watches Shreya and Sahir getting physical, she was upset by Sahir’s words.

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