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Girls On Top 20th June 2016 Written Update

The girls were shocked to see boys in the same party, Sahir questions Isha why she didn’t tell him. Isha complains he also didn’t tell her. Gia explains they were going to have girl’s night out. Azher says they are also having boys day out, they will enjoy separately. Isha asks them to go and have fun, the boys make fun of them that after two pecks the girls go dizzy. They were determined not to take care of girls today. Rave challenges that they will show them what dance is. Sahir says they will show girls can’t have fun without boys. They all come to the party, the dance performances go on.
The girls come to take autograph from Azher, he speaks in a Bihari illiterate accept, Sahir qualifies he isn’t that Azher Khan. Finally, Rave, Guru, Azher and Gia come to dance in the center. They get into an argument about hitting each other from their back. They undergo a cat fight. Rave comes to take over the DJ booth, she makes an announcement and plays with the music there. The crowd get to cheer again. They boys were worried about getting defeated in their challenge if this fun keep on going. Rave comes down the stage, the three of them cheer for driving the crowd crazy. Both groups try to avoid each other. Guru says they must do something major.
There was a round two of dance of Flickering Crew. One of the dancers call if someone would challenge him. Sahir raises Azher’s hand, Azher comes to the middle performing crazily. Sahir and Guru join him, they perform while the girls were jealous this time, and visibly disliking they hold drinks for themselves.
In round 3, Rave announces its show time, it’s time to BSBM. They come to stage to dance vibrantly. The crowd turns towards them. Azher, Sahir and Guru also get over the stage and dance in front of girls hiding them behind them, the girls come down. They boys perform playfully taking their sips from drink.
In round 4, the girls were irked and turn towards the bar to order wine. Gia orders water for herself, a guy comes asking if she doesn’t drink. Rave turns Gia towards him and asks to flirt with him. Rave asks Gia if she didn’t introduced her to her new friend. The boys get alert, Azher stares towards her. One of the boys come to Isha, they introduce each other. Isha laughs with Jai, Jai questions what Isha does. Isha says she is a producer shows. He asks if she is with somebody. Isha says no. Jai offers to dance with Gia. They come to centre, Jai comes to bring a drink for Isha. Sahir drags Jai while they sat under the table. Jai greets Sahir calling him a big star, Sahir questions why Jai is trying to be a star. Jai calls her hot, Sahir says she is his sister in law, his girlfriend. Jai turns to leave, Azher sends him to another party in the corner. Gia’s friend go towards the bar to get a drink for her, Sahir gets him down the table too. He greets Sahir, Azher warns him not to wander around Gia. One of the boys come to drink from Rave’s glass and dance with him. Guru was irked this time. He comes to dance with Rave running the boy away.
The girls come to confront boys, they ask if they have enjoyed? Azher says these girls enjoy changing their minds again and again. Did they all have enough fun?

PRECAP: In the party, finally couples come to join together. Rave asks what alone time Isha and Sahir have to spend. Isha tells Sahir they are staying here, means they have to be strong.

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