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Girls On Top 13th April 2016 Written Update

Gia instructs to keep the camera on both. She asks Sahir where they were. Shreya answers for him. Gia asks Sahir he is at the peak of his profession, what is most important for him; his career or his personal relation. Sahir doesn’t get what she is saying. Shreya doesn’t get it. Gia says Sahir does. Sahir says understanding him is really difficult. Gia says he must try to understand the point of view of girls as well. Sahir leaves the audition. Gia goes behind him and says this is a big mistake. Sahir asks why she cares, she wanted him to leave Isha’s life. Gia says it was different thing. He tells Gia that she must try and see the situation from boy’s point of view before accusing him, boys aren’t always wrong.
Rave gets Gia’s call, Gia says Isha is so strong. She couldn’t have controlled the way that wild card was stuck to Sahir. Rave was also angry at Sahir. Gia says Sahir isn’t all wrong. Rave was shocked, Gia says yes 10% wrong she may be. She advocates that boys also have a point of view. Rave says they only have a single point of view. Gia says they never consider boy’s point of view and Azher may be hurt because she blocked him. She says she will go to Azher and tell him all truth. She takes a rickshaw.
Isha watches Sahir from outside. He also looks at her.
Azher asks Nadia to cancel all his appointments. Nadia insists on him to meet a single person, that person is really important for her. Azher wasn’t ready to come. Gia turns to face Azher, Nadia leaves them alone. Azher says this is super awkward, and asks to speak first. He says he kept thinking why she was avoiding him. Gia says she also has something important for him. Azher hopes this isn’t true. Azher says he knows she studied in all girl’s boarding and all her friends are also friends, he realizes she is a gay. She reconfirms, and laughs. Azher says this is why she is ignoring him. Gia says she isn’t, and if she was one she wouldn’t hide it from anyone. He asks what she had to share. Gia says yes, she is a virgin. Azher looks away, then laughs. He says he kept thinking that she had run, maybe he had a body odour or bad breathe. He asks was he her first kiss. Doctors say kiss doesn’t takes away virginity. Gia says she will do it only when she is ready, she was confused then and left. Azher says she is a virgin that’s her choice, why she run away every time. Gia says she is proud of it. Azher asks her to be friends, but she has to promise they will never run away no matter what. Gia takes his hand, both smile.
Roshali gives the girls beauty services. Isha say she was really upset. Rave asks Isha about finding another guy for him. She suggests a few on mobile, then teases Gia with the name of Azher Khan. Isha laugh, Gia teases her with the name of UC. The girls lay with face pack on. Isha says she wants to enjoy her singlehood now. Roshali says to Rave that she and Guru look nice with each other. Gia says Guru isn’t better than that Shekhar. Rave was upset, she says he was her first love, how she can forget. Roshali says she must, she compares him with every boy that comes in front of her. Gia says she would always prefer nice guy. Rave says Guru is a work mate and she can’t compare work life with love life. They girls appreciate waxing by Roshali as well, Roshali says she did beautician’s course. Isha asks why is she spoiling her life then. Roshali says she has realized, she will not think about boys anymore but focus on her own life.
In the party, Isha and Gia wonders where Rave is. Rave comes in dressed up in traditional dress.

PRECAP: Azher asks Gia to meet her, if she would help him. Rave slaps a giy in the party, the guy pushes her to fell on floor. Rave slaps him again.

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