Raja and Rani’s romance has become a roller coaster ride, which time, they will have to arise more robust than ever…

Iqbal Khan and Deepshika Nagpal’s entry in Zee Television’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani has stirred a whole new twist in Raja and Rani’s ‘intimate life’.

Quickly, We’re going to see Raja supplying Rani’s pen to Afreen for some operate and inturn, Afreen will gift Raja a perfume bottle that may belong to Iqbal Khan. This exchange of gifts will develop great misunderstandings in between Raja and Rani!

Subsequently, Raja and Rani will arrive at understand that Kaal is soon destined to be introduced from the jail. Raja and Rani’s partnership has become a rollercoaster ride which time they will have to arise more powerful than ever before!

What’s subsequent? Continue to be tuned for additional updates!


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