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Ganga 9th October 2015 Written Update

The girl walks inside Chaturvedi House asking for Niru. Amma ji is irked to see her but Madhvi recognizes her. Madhvi runs to give her sister a hug. Madhvi’s sister is goes quiet to see Amma ji there. Madhvi introduces them to each other. It is my cousin sister Barkha. Barkha apologizes to Amma ji for morning. She politely asks Mehri to keep her bag inside. Amma ji looks at Madhvi. Is she going to stay here? Madhvi nods. Barkha asks for food. Mehri tells Amma ji that the bag is very heavy. Amma ji deduces that maybe she came to live here for too long! Till when will this problem stay in my house?

Sudha insists upon Ganga to accompany her. Ganga clearly tells her that she is not a coward. She comes there holding a potli, all set to go with Sudha and the other ladies. I am not even scared of hard work. You don’t even have to drag me forcefully. Bappa used to say that one needs a lot of strength to live with respect. I have that much willpower. I don’t fear anything. Let’s go. Sudha taunts her. Find out how hard we have to work to arrange the food that you so arrogantly decline to eat. Mamta talks highly of the man. He always gives something or the other to us widows. We never return empty handed from this house. Sudha warns Ganga not to create any drama here. Don’t utter anything wrong too. The man asks Ganga to spread her cloth so he can give her fruits and other stuff. Ganga replies that she has not come here to beg. Why should I do it then? All the ladies get tensed. Ganga says I don’t need alms. The man questions Ganga why she has come here then. God took your husband. I pity you all and look at this arrogant girl. No one will come here from tomorrow. Sudha says sorry to him but he dismisses them. Sudha scolds Ganga for replying. Ganga cannot understand why they have to beg. Let us do some work. We can get money and then buy stuff for ourselves. It is wrong to beg. Sudha agrees to do things as per wish for today.

Barkha sits outside as she relishes the food cooked by Madhvi. Her studies of medical are over. She is waiting for her degree. Madhvi tries to take her inside when Amma ji comes there. Barkha offers her halwa. You need sweets. Amma ji advises Madhvi to make her sister understand the rules of this house. Barkha again addresses her as aunty ji but Amma ji wants her to call her Amma ji only. Barkha finds it boring. I will call you Ams. Mehri thinks that Amma ji will scold her now. Amma ji insists upon following the rules but Barkha points out that rules are made to be broken. Relax. Maharaj ji is also scared as no one as spoke to Amma ji like this. She goes to take more halwa. Amma ji sends Maharaj ji in the kitchen to help Barkha. Madhvi apologises to Amma ji on her sister’s behalf. She has never lived this way. I will teach her everything. Amma ji makes it clear to her that everyone has to abide by the rules of this house. No one can break them. One girl went and now another one is here!

Sudha approaches a lady for work. The lady taunts Sudha. Do anything but I wont let even your shadow in my house. The lady turns to go when Ganga holds her feet. The lady looks at her in shock / anger. It is wrong to beg. Why did you tell Sudha Bua to do so? Why don’t you give her work when she has asked for it? She is talking so sweetly while you are so rude. The lady asks Ganga to leave her. I will have to purify everything now. She summons her servants. I will have to take bath again. This is the sin of your last birth’s karma that you became a widow in such a young age. Go away! She leaves. Sudha asks Ganga if she is satisfied now or not. Ganga retorts that they dint become widows as per their wish. I dint do anything wrong. Sudha says this is what I was trying to make you understand. When will you accept this truth of your life? This is the way the society treats widows!

Mamta asks for work from someone but the man makes his servant push them away. All the people close their doors on the faces of the widows when they ask for work.

Sagar thinks of Amma ji’s phrases. Will Ganga also try this puja? She can be a widow. Yash appear to ask him to Perform. Sagar miracles if Ganga went to highschool right now or not. Sudha Bua is very stringent. He runs to the ashram. He peeks in from the length. The doorway from the ashram is closed from inside. He appears to be within the ball that he is holding. He aims it towards the door. It reaches Pishi Ma. He goes to select it. She understands that he has arrive at satisfy Ganga. He denies. We ended up enjoying cricket in the event the ball came right here. Ganga will in any case be in school. Sagar receives to recognize that Ganga has absent to beg. He operates from there.

Ganga however doesn’t choose to beg. Sudha causes that not a soul is supplying them get the job done even right after begging everyone. Mamta adds that they’ve to collect as much alms as they will right now. Ganga corrects her. It truly is begging. Sudha will make Ganga sit within the stairs. We have already been insulted more than enough right now on account of you. All of them shift forward. Ganga is unfortunate to are convinced no one is supplying any operate to Sudha Bua as well as other ladies. We far too can function the same as Mehri Didi. She appears to be like at two kids sharing chocolates. She thinks of Sagar, Bahu ji and Niru. She smiles.

A drunken person holds Sudha hand as he tries to give her fruits. No-one will give you a great deal of stuff. He holds SUdha’s hand forcefully. Ganga simply cannot get it. She throws a stone at him. The man holds his head as he ordeals ache.

Precap: Amma ji tells Madhvi to explain the rules of this home to Barkha. Hope you don’t regret or else in long term! Sagar says you are still acting arrogant. I did so much in your case. Ganga states real friends don’t make you feel that they’re doing favours for them. Should you ended up my true Pal You then would’ve comprehended why I explained that to Amma ji.

Written Update By Sahir


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