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Ganga 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The PT Teacher takes over the task of teaching dance to the girls. She teaches them in her typical style. Ganga points out that Gunwanti Madam was teaching them differently. PT Teacher has been forced to teach them by the Principal Madam. I dint want to do it but had to do it Principal Madam says I am not telling you to teach them something new. Gunwanti Madam has taught them already. You just have to check if they are doing it right or not. We cannot call another dance teacher so this is how the kids will have to practise. She leaves. PT Teacher is irked with Ganga for she got stuck in the situation because of her only. Lunch break is announced so she leaves. Bulbul too complains to Ganga. Dance cannot happen without a dance teacher. Ganga retorts that she will find a way. She asks Reena and Neha to come with her. They both willing agree and all the other girls join her too except Bulbul and her gang.

Ganga and the girls reach the Ashram. Sudha scolds Ganga and the other girls to go. Ganga stays put. I will not move from here if you don’t agree! Sudha doesn’t mind it but Ganga repeats that no girl will leave unless she agrees. Pishi Ma comes there to ask her about the commotion. Ganga asks her if it is wrong to dance on a patriotic song. Pishi Ma shakes her head. ganga keeps asking her more questions. It is like dancing for the love of God. Is it wrong to teach dance on such a song? Pishi Ma stops Sudha from interrupting Ganga. Ganga sticks to her plan. Tell Sudha Bua that teaching dance isn’t wrong. Pishi Ma too tries to make Sudha understand. These girls need help. It is not a bad thing to teach dance on such a song. Sudha stays put. The girls sit down in the ashram now. Pishi Ma stops Sudha from reacting. She later smiles at Ganga when Sudha walks away in a huff.

A widow tells Ganga and the women that Sudha wont agree. Sudha comes there. The women ask for her but she shouts at them to get silent. Pishi Ma asks SUdha if she’ll ever talk to her to complete anything Improper. Pay attention to their son after. You can come to a decision if you need to do it or not then. What’s the harm in encouraging them with your expertise? They are really right here considering that so extended. They are really worn out Nevertheless they haven’t provided up. The girls ask for Sudha Bua sweetly. Pishi Ma asks Sudha if she wont hear her. They will provide you with tons of fantastic wishes. You’ve got constantly served other. You will need to have learnt it from some Expert. These ladies have to have a Expert. Why are you presently declining? The ladies ask for Sudha Bua in unison. Sudha presents in. Ganga thanks her. Sudha clears it to her that she is executing it just for Pishi Ma. Ganga nonetheless says thanks to her in advance of leaving for home.

Shankar tries to inch closer toward Chaturvedi Sadan when police will come there. He turns all-around although the constables talk to him for his ID. He lies that he remaining it inside the Dharamshala. Constables inquire about the Dharamshala. Shankar notices Ganga coming there. If she sees me then It’s going to be a difficulty. Constables shoo the crowd absent. Shankar too disappears. Ganga asks the constables should they nabbed the criminals that barged within their house. They deny. We will find them soon. She nods. I’ll just send out tea for you.

MLA is in a gathering. Shankar calls MLA. He tells MLA that he are not able to watch at Chaturvedi Sadan as law enforcement is preserving a tight vigil on the house. MLA wants the CD at any Price tag. Niru need to be returning soon.

Sagar is attempting to operate a CD when Madhvi waits for him to consume milk. Ganga tells Madhvi the good news that she located a whole new dance teacher for them. He is irked. I must practise. This CD isn’t Functioning! Madhvi goes downstairs with Ganga to finish kitchen area work.

Bulbul and her gang as well as the academics aren’t happy to view Sudha. Ganga talks in her help. What is the relation of instruction with dance? We have to study dance and he or she dances really well. Principal Madam seconds her. Be great with Sudha ji. She thanks Sudha for agreeing to show dance to girls. Let us go and register the track to the functionality. The girls head for their course. Ganga stops Bulbul. I explained to you I will find a way. See we uncovered a Trainer. Bulbul eyes her angrily.

Principal Madam, Sudha and the women come to sign up their tune for your competition. Ganga loves the music that they’ve picked. Now all the problems will probably be solved as we have discovered Sudha Madam. They get to understand from Mr. Chauhan that this music has presently been picked and registered by another college so they can not do it too. Two groups can’t conduct on the exact same track. You’ll need to decide on An additional track. Ganga suggests we have already been practising on this extremely tune from the beginning. Mr. Chauhan suggests you dint sign-up it with your title while. Sorry but I can’t help you With this make any difference. Bulbul smirks. Ganga miracles what they are going to do now. They occur out with the room and find Sagar’s team practising on the identical music. Every person seems on in shock. Raghubir notices them. He stops the youngsters and excuses himself for any moment. He greets Principal Madam. I hope you would’ve designed the many preps for the Competitiveness. We don’t have A lot time. Where is your dance Instructor? Principal Madam introduces Sudha to him. Raghubir appears at Sudha from leading to toe. A kirtan’s community member will instruct dance to those kids? Superb! Sagar and all the kids occur out. Ganga asks Raghubir why he is stating so. He opinions that periods have truly transformed. The widows of widow Ashram have stopped praying to God and wish to dance on filmy songs! They as well want to be heroines it seems!

Precap: Sudha asks Ganga if she isn’t happy to get her insulted. I wont do anything else for you. Find another dance teacher if you are so interested in participating in a dance competition! Spare me!

Written Update By Sahir


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