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Ganga 3rd June 2016 Written Update

Inspector chases Sagar and Ganga. Sagar stumbles in his step and sits up with a start. It was his dream. Amma ji and everyone meets him. She ties the black thread on his hand. He asks his family what happened. how come you all are here suddenly? Niru explains what happened at home. Amma ji got all stubborn afterwards. She wanted to meet you. Sagar is shocked. I cannot think Janvi’s family could stoop so low. Niru reasons that there are many families who think like this. the pressure of media has increased after what happened today. court needs proof but this will add up the emotional pressure. I have spoken to Ratan. I have made him agree to bring Ratan’s fingerprints. If they match with the fingerprints on syringe then our case will be strong. Ganga adds that Mehri has also agreed to give statement. Sagar asks her if she is still at Palash’s home. Ganga nods. She is safe there. Niru asks Ganga to call Palash. Ask him to bring Mehri here right away. It is better if we record her statement asap. Ganga tries his number but in vain. Niru tries Palash’s number too but it is out of reach. Ganga leaves to bring her from Palash’s house.

Ganga notices all the mess outside Chaturvedi House. She goes to Palash’s house but it is locked. Both Sir and Mehri Di are unreachable. Plus this lock now. Where did they go? Is Sagar right? What did I do! No, it cannot be. Palash Sir must have gone to office. He would have taken Mehri Didi with him. She goes to his office.

Amma ji waits anxiously for Ganga. Niru shares that she went to Palash’s office as his house is locked. Madhvi wonders where he would have taken Mehri. Niru says it isn’t safe to leave her alone at home. He did the right thing. Niru gets a call and goes aside to attend it. Amma ji asks Madhvi to bring water for her. She thinks both Palash and Mehri should not disappear together. it wont be right for Sagar. Baba is right about Janvi’s spirit. I will talk to him. She goes in her room to call him. He asks for more money for another puja. She readily agrees for it.

Ganga finds the door of Palash’s office locked too. Where would he have taken Mehri Didi and her kids to? She calls him again but no use. Was Sagar right? I found Mehri Didi after so much difficulty and made her agree. Is it that Sir does not want Mehri Didi to give her statement? How do I figure out?

Amma ji wonders where to get money from. Niru wont give me any money. Madhvi comes there. What happened? Are you alright? Amma ji nods but Madhvi is sure something is wrong. Maharaj ji asks Madhvi to give her money to bring ration. Madhvi gives money to Maharaj ji. Amma ji peeks from outside. Madhvi and Maharaj ji leave to get the stuff. Amma ji stealthily comes in the room. I am stealing my son’s money only! I will have to do it for Sagar come what may. She is going out but finds Niru at the door. I don’t know why you are doing this and I don’t want to know. I understand that there must be a very big reason behind it. I would only like to say that I would have never said no to you if you would have asked me. Don’t do anything which will embarrass you in front of your eyes. She says I know you will never stop me from taking money from you but you also wont agree to why I took it. She tells him about the Baba. He gets angry. It would have been better had you not told me about this superstition. She calls it her belief. I have done it earlier too. We got to know everything afterwards only. I would have done something good only because of which it happened. He knew everything about Sagar even before I met him. He was even talking to Janvi’s spirit. She nods. He only will help us win. Niru gets thinking. Who is this Baba? I will have to believe you to meet him.

Ganga is all panicked as she comes home. NIru asks her what happened. Ganga shares that Palash is neither at home nor in office. I don’t know what is happening. Was Sagar right? Did I make a mistake by trusting him? It is the last hearing tomorrow and there is no news of Palash Sir. Did I do a mistake by giving Sagar’s life in Palash Sir’s hands? Madhvi cries. What will we do now Babu? How will we save Sagar? Amma ji blames Janvi’s spirit for it. I will make Baba do another puja. Niru shouts at her to stop this superstition. She is surprised. You only said you want to meet Baba. He nods. I only want to prove him fake before you. I don’t want to talk all this stuff in my house after today. Will your Baba come in court to fight the case? We have very less time and have to do a lot. He tells Ganga not to cry. You trust your Babu right? She nods. He assures her he will bring Sagar home. Madhvi says hope it happens or I will never forgive you. I will die without my son. He tells her to have faith. I wont let anything happen to him. He is my son as well.

Ganga is massaging Supriya’s feet. She is doing it absentmindedly. She does not find the bowl of oil and turns to look. Sagar gives the bowl to her. She gets teary eyed seeing him. He sits down next to her and wipes the tears off her face.

In jail, Sagar writes Ganga on the wall. Ishq-e-nashin plays. He imagines Ganga standing there with his blanket and is all surprised. She covers him with the blanket and wipes his tears.

Sagar kisses Ganga on her forehead. She ends up smiling because of him and keeps looking at him lovingly. She holds his hand as he gets up to go. Please don’t go. Take out all your fears. You will be in your home soon. we will fight till the end. We wont give up.

Ganga caresses Sagar’s head in her lap. He says I will never lose hope till you will keep looking lovingly at me like this, with this faith in your eyes. I will never give up till you are with me. His inmate asks him who he is talking to. Sagar looks around startled.

Ganga says this is what I want Sagar. This hope only will bring you back to your loved ones. Supriya asks her who she is talking to.

Precap: Ganga is on call with Pulkit. The hearing has started. If we don’t bring Mehri Didi in two hours then everything will be finished. Pulkit says I am going to her house only. Ganga gets a letter from Palash. He asks her to come to meet him at some specific place.

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