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Ganga 28th September 2015 Written Update

Mehri proudly tells Maharaj ji that she has done most of the work. He replies that he has to decorate the house now. Sagar hears about the flowers. Amma ji diverts him that they were talking about the plants. She takes both of them inside.

The landline rings. Sagar picks it up. No one speaks from the alternative side. He realises that it’s Ganga. Say one thing. I realize it’s you. Madhvi asks him how is he so confident. He says that he doesn’t know but he is bound relating to this simple fact. Ganga finishes the call.

Sudha asks Ganga to eat a little something as she is going to consume late in school. I don’t know you don’t just like the foodstuff that we get below but just how long wont you try to eat. three-four days? Ganga replies that she wont be keeping in this article for that lengthy. Babu and Bahu ji will get me back real quickly.

Amma ji has made up her intellect. I wont Enable Ganga return in this home at any time. Ganga and Sagar will have to grow to be habitual of dwelling separately.

In The college, Mrs. D’Souza points out the story of Krishna and Sudama to the girls. They each were being from unique backgrounds but they always stood by each other. Do any of you might have these types of a friend? Ganga smiles thinking of Sagar. Mrs. D’Souza notices her So but Ganga solutions in denial. Bulbul comments that she wont have any friend. Reena phone calls Ganga her friend. The category gets over. Reena asks Ganga if she was thinking about Sagar. Ganga nods. There isn’t any point thinking of it. Sagar has neglected me.

Sagar is attempting his father’s selection however it is unreachable. I had to speak to him about Ganga. Only he will help me in bringing Ganga back again to this residence.

Niru continues to be in the clinic with doc and police Inspector. Sagar at last can link with him. Inspector goes to talk to Niru before Sagar can say just about anything to his father.

Sagar goes on the kitchen area for getting h2o. He notices the cake Within the fridge and will get satisfied. Amma ji and Madhvi are relieved to discover him delighted.

Reena and Ganga are on their own way back again. Reena keeps referring to what all occurred within the working day. Ganga thinks of wishing Sagar. I simply cannot even Visit the property. Reena notices a cosmetics shop. She goes to acquire bindi for her mother. Ganga notices socks there. She recollects the working day when Sagar was discussing socks that simply get concealed from the wardrobe. Ganga usually takes out The cash that Bahu ji utilised to provide her daily. Bappa used to convey to me that just one ought to lower your expenses. They’re going to arrive at use today. The socks Price Rs. sixty. Ganga only has Rs. fifty five. Be sure to give me some discount. He agrees. Ha wraps it in the coloured paper for her on her askance. Reena is curious. Did he connect with you? How will you give it to him? Ganga gets wondering.

Chaturvedi Sadan is entirely decorated. Sagar comes downstairs. He quietly picks up the cake within the fridge and heads upstairs. Prabha appears to be like extensive-eyed within the decorations. She greets All people. Yash is tempted because of the food items objects. Prabha starts off her drama so Madhvi gives to rejoice Yash’s birthday in an identical grand way. Amma ji taunts Prabha and Madhvi indirectly.

The door bell rings. Sagar’s pals appear. Amma ji thinks how pleased Sagar is going to be to see this shock.

Sagar goes upstairs near the balcony. I wish to be along with you on my birthday. I must arrive in the style only. He will make a rope using the garments and hangs it down the balcony. He normally takes the cake with him.

The children rush to begin to see the magician performing some tricks. Amma ji sends Mehri to carry the cake. She also shushes the youngsters. Make sound when Sagar enters. Pulkit ties a large balloon within the centre from the space while Maharaj ji goes to provide Sagar. Pulkit switches from the lights. Pulkit bursts the balloon but it is only Maharaj ji who has come back. Amma ji asks him about Sagar. He shares that Sagar is just not in his room. I searched all the home. He’s nowhere. Mehri announces that someone took the cake. Amma ji is familiar with where by Sagar will likely be.

Sagar is running on the streets.

Pishi Ma asks Ganga if she is missing Sagar. She retorts that why should she miss him when he does not miss her. A lady informs her that Sagar is outside. She runs out to meet him. Pishi Ma jokes about what she was saying a second ago.

Sagar and Ganga see each other and smile.

Precap: Niru brings Ganga back to Chaturvedi House. She stares at the house. A guy in a car is keeping an eye on them from a distance. He starts the car and inches closer to Ganga.

Written Update By Sahir


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