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Ganga 24th September 2015 Written Update

Sagar has asked his friend Shruti to help him in this idea. She asks for something in return (notes). Sagar agrees for the deal. Come on time. I will call you. She finds it risky. What if my parents find out about this? Sagar talks about the notes that she wants in return. Do what I have asked you to. He gives her something in a packet.

Amma ji asks him to come inside as it is his turn to meet the Vaid ji. Shruti and Sagar do thumbs up at each other.

Sagar is missing Ganga. He thinks of her and how she used to defend him, help him all the time. He feels bad for fighting with her too often. I wont let you go anywhere ever. You will stay here only. This is my promise!

Next morning, Pulkit wakes up because of Sagar’s alarm. Sagar waits for a minute to make sure that his brother has fallen asleep. He takes his phone and calls Shruti. Come to my house asap.

Amma ji calls out for Maharaj ji. Wake up as it is time. She opens the main door when she finds someone standing outside her room wearing white saree. Sagar comes there. This is Shruti. She will go to snan with you today. Amma ji asks her if Shruti is a widow. Sagar denies. She isn’t a widow. A fancy dress competition is going to happen in our school. She wants to know / understand how they live their life. He butters his Dadi so she agrees to take Shruti with her. Sagar too wants to come along. She allows him.

Niru will get to are aware that Solanki has gained conscious. He gets nearly go but this worries Madhvi. You experienced chose to leave the case, right? He hopes that she supports him On this battle. I can have an understanding of your dread. I realize simply how much you care and stress with the spouse and children. I much too really feel precisely the same. I’m a lawyer too. I have the duty that can help the needy as well. So A lot of people missing their family and friends in that stampede! A lot of kids misplaced their moms and dads and have become orphan. Really should I neglect their discomfort? He retains the potli that Ganga had specified him. She gave me almost everything as fees. I dint want to harm her self-regard so I took it. She gave them to me with have faith in. How cna I split that rely on? Continue to keep them safely and securely. They aren’t just jewellery but my have faith in. I have constructed that in folks’s hearts by my perform. Are you interested in me to not establish it to them which i are entitled to their religion? How will I combat on your own? Will you not assistance me Within this battle? She nods. He doesn’t want to interrupt Ganga’s trust at any Expense!

Amma ji, Sagar and Shruti are on their again household from the ghaat. He thinks that Ganga could be thinking Mistaken about him. I will not want you to definitely go any where. I will never Enable it happen. Amma ji moves aside to speak to another person. Sagar and Shruti marvel why Ganga’s FIL hasn’t occur till now. He enters there just then. He notices Shruti’s again and after that Amma ji as well. Sagar thinks that it’s going to be great if he sees Shruti but when might be an issue if he will get an opportunity to discuss with Dadi. He diverts Amma ji towards executing puja of cow. Sagar and Shruti hurry to his side. Ganga’s FIL issues Sagar. Why did you lie to me? Sagar replies that he dint lie. She isn’t Ganga. Go back to your own home now that you’ve got observed it. It isn’t vital that Ganga is in Banaras. Ganga’s FIL much too feels a similar. She might have long gone to Another position. Forgive me for losing your time and energy. He leaves. Amma ji joins the children. Who were you talking to? Sagar presents a roundabout reply. He’s relieved to view Ganga’s FIL leaving. You should God, don’t deliver him back again at any time.

Ganga is on a ship ride. She thinks with the happier moments with Sagar and when he had called her his Buddy proudly. You probably did incredibly wrong to me. You dint even end Amma ji from sending me back again to ashram. I’m sure that you are using revenge from me for not accepting you as my Pal that day but I will never beg you to consider me again to your house.

Chandni calls Pulkit. Saloni is leaving for her boarding university right now. Her father acquired a question someway and he switched ideas. Chandan termed me. She is leaving now. Please go and fulfill her if possible. Pulkit miracles ways to head out of his property this early each morning. Papa way too might be at your home.

Niru is leaving for clinic. He asks Raghav ji to meet him there immediately. Pulkit notices him leaving. He asks his mother about this. She shares that Solanki has obtained aware. He is relieved that he can head out of your house now that his father has left. Pulkit really wants to go out to try to eat jalebi from a nearby shop but Madhvi thinks of asking Mehri to deliver it. Madhvi is fast paced taking care of Everybody’s desires. She calls out for Pulkit. He runs to his toilet just when Madhvi enters. She asks him to come back downstairs for breakfast once the tub. He stealthily thinks of escaping from the balcony. Amma ji, Sagar and Shruti are returning dwelling just then. Sagar notices Pulkit stepping out of the balcony. Pulkit techniques again inside. He alerts Sagar to get their Dadi within. Dadi keeps comparing Shruti and Ganga. That girl isn’t considering Mastering nearly anything from me. Sagar does so. He sends her within and goes back again again about the pretext of fiddling with his buddies.

Pulkit manages to leap down from the balcony. Sagar asks his brother where he is heading to. Pulkit claims I’m about to fulfill Saloni. It is critical for me to go there. She is my girlfriend. I love her quite a bit. You prefer executing something and almost everything for that a person whom you like. Sagar is concerned for his brother but Pulkit isn’t concerned about himself for the time being. Sagar thinks that Ganga is his very best girlfriend. I far too need to do almost everything for her.

Precap: Mehri asks Amma ji if she will bring Ganga back home after shardh. Amma ji is in no mood to bring her back now. I will make sure Sagar gets over it in a few days. I will never let her come back here!

Written Update By Sahir


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