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Ganga 22nd September 2015 Written Update

Pulkit claims sorry to his father. You needed to deal with so many complications because of me. Thanks for supporting me. Niru subsequently thanks Saloni for using her assertion back again in time. They discover Ganga standing there. Niru and Sagar visit request her what she’s doing below. Saloni suggests sorry to Pulkit. Ganga tells Niru which the goons snatched that CD from her and ran absent. She tells him all the things that just transpired. Niru scolds Ganga for taking that CD away from the home. What was the necessity to bring it here after which mention it to almost any person? Are you aware of what you have got accomplished? Ganga only planned to preserve Pulkit Bhaiya. I don’t want any situation. Wrong will come about with you all if you punish individuals that bought my Bappa killed. I don’t want it. I’d come to provide you with the CD and request you to leave the case. Niru thoughts her if everything will take place by her will. Lots of more people experienced died in that incident. Several homes were wrecked. Don’t they want justice? Explain to them now that they wont get justice. Don’t make use of your brain if You can’t understand a thing. You created a grave miscalculation with your childishness. We had very important proof but we don’t have anything now. It’s all as a result of you. We’re again with a lifeless close!

Raman is trying Niru’s quantity but his cell phone is unreachable. Every person at home is apprehensive for Niru. Amma ji claims Ganga returned and began crying! Now she has changed into a stone! Niru is unreachable. Niru enters just then. Madhvi asks him plenty of questions on Pulkit. Wherever is he? I told you to listen to Amma ji however , you dint fork out heed. Notify me the place my son is! Pulkit comes likewise. I am completely high-quality. All of them head to him. Madhvi notices his wounds. She is a great deal concerned for him but he assures Every person that he is wonderful. Sagar tells them that MLA’s goons defeat him. This shocks the family members. Madhvi walks as many as Niru. Did you hear what that MLA did to Pulkit ahead of handing him above to law enforcement? Wont you hand over the case now? Prabha suggests this wont occur. I will leave with my family now. I’m not gonna possibility my everyday living so anyone else could possibly get justice. Madhvi seconds her. What’s the point of fighting for a thing that can destroy Other individuals? Ganga are not able to get what she has misplaced but will you chance the lifestyle of your respective members of the family? Niru agrees. I don’t have any proof now all thanks to Ganga. There is absolutely no level preventing this circumstance now! He walks off.

Ganga sits within a corner all unfortunate. She thinks The very first time when she had entered inside of Chaturvedi Sadan And just how he obtained offended on her these days! Forgive me Babu. I created an incredibly big issue for you personally. I only wished to save Bhaiya but I ruined all the things. I created a very major blunder.

MLA is indignant with Saloni for signing a statement in Pulkit’s favour. I don’t like that guy in any respect. Saloni confronts him. I do know everything. You’re a legal! You do have a challenge with Pulkit’s father instead of him. You got Pulkit in jail so Niru uncle are not able to struggle the case. I can not believe that it that my father can stoop so low. He slaps her after which you can locks her in her space. Chandan tries to question him to absolutely free his sister but he sends Chandan to his area. MLA Plainly tells Saloni that this doorway will only open when she will get admitted inside a boarding faculty. She refuses to go any place. He walks back again to the lounge when he notices the goons. Saloni took her assertion back regardless if you had been there? How dare you occur here now? The goon presents her the CD. He watches the CD and receives satisfied. He appreciates the goons for accomplishing a very good occupation. Now the case is concluded! Lousy Niru!

Niru is sitting down all quiet as he drinks tea. Amma ji is glad that the CD is from the home now. The good thing is, Pulkit can also be back now. Prabha demonstrates faux problem. Amma ji calls it a sign from God that the CD went out of your home. It may have brought complications for us. It is sweet to assist Many others but You will need to look just after your family too. These social get the job done wont get you anything at all. He heads upstairs with out stating something. Sagar notices everything. Madhvi asks him to get food items. He asks her if papa is upset with Ganga. Madhvi doesn’t reply.

Sagar walks till the key door when pondering his father’s response to Ganga. I as well would have performed the identical issue if I was in her spot. She dint do nearly anything intentionally. A person holds out a paper just before Sagar. Ganga’s Picture is there during the paper. Sagar appears in the Picture after which you can at the man. He introduces himself as Ganga’s FIL. She married my son but he died in the stampede on ghaat. I too left her back then but right now I have arrive at consider her back again with me. Sagar thinks of his father and Dadi currently being upset with Ganga. When they find out about this then they’re going to deliver her out. I can not let it materialize. He tells Ganga’s FIL that Ganga won’t keep right here. My Dadi is also a widow. She wears white saree. This Lady does not continue to be listed here. He requires the paper and Ganga’s FIL’s telephone number. I will Allow you are aware of just in case I get any details. The person leaves. Sagar is in views. Let’s say he comes yet again and sees Ganga? It will probably be an enormous problem then.

Prabha and Yash are all set to go away. She deliberately shouts loudly so someone attempts to quit her. Amma ji rather asks Maharaj ji to simply call a rickshaw as Prabha wishes to go household. Maharaj ji gives to drop her off till exterior from in which she could possibly get the rickshaw. Mehri implies him to drop her till property. Madhvi also asks her to phone them the moment she reaches dwelling. Prabha Regrettably leaves.

Sagar demonstrates Ganga’s Photograph to Dadi. I dint win the competition so my photo dint get in the paper. Now she’s going to be all the greater arrogant. I don’t like her whatsoever. I don’t want her in this article! Amma ji and Madhvi try and quiet him but he doesn’t want his buddies to tease him on his birthday. Deliver her someplace for a few days. She gave this sort of a significant CD to These goons. Make sure you mail her. Madhvi tries to make him understand but Amma ji takes his facet. Amma ji agrees to fulfil Sagar’s would like. It can be your birthday so you’ll make a decision what you need. We’ll send out her someplace for a few days. I’ll think about it. Sagar thinks that her FIL wont have the ability to get Ganga with him as she wont be right here for a couple of days.

Precap: Amma ji sends Ganga into the widow ashram for a few days. She leaves reluctantly.

Written Update By Sahir


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