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Ganga 21st April 2016 Written Update

Ganga picks up her bicycle and heads home. Ganga falls down when she reaches home. Sagar rushes to her. Why were you riding so fast? She replies that she drove fast because of him. he says yu cheated me in court today. it all happened because of oyou. You supported that man instead of me! she reasons that she dint know he is the defence lawyer. He asks her why she dint tell him anything then. She replies that she tried to explain but he dint hear her. Why do you blame me for your defeat? He says I do blame you. You are my weakness! If you respect our friendship a little then leave this internship. She says how I can do so. I just joined Palash sir. He questions her if Palash means a lot. It is the rule of friendship – you don’t join hands with a friend’s enemy. She calls Palash. I want to meet you to talk about something urgent. He asks her to come somewhere. Sagar heads inside.

Maharaj is cleaning. Niru has made him do it. he finds an album there. Pulkit tells Supriya to take tablets. She agrees. Can you not go a little late? I feel like eating unripe mangoes. Can you get them? Pulkit has a meeting. Plus it will affect your throat. He agrees to bring it on his way back. Supriya notices Niru hearing them. she intentionally talks to Maharaj ji. I cannot request anyone anything in the house. What can I do except waiting if husband is busy? Maharaj ji asks her if she needs something. She says no. Niru asks Madhvi if she felt like eating sour stuff when Sagar was about to be born. She smiles. When I asked you to bring it then you used to say you will bring it in evening. He thinks his kids are dumb like him. They sit down to talk about the old times. Supriya smiles.

Niru buys unripe mangoes from market. He enters in home stealthily and goes on the other side of the house. He places the bag on table. supriya peeks at him from upstairs. She hides when he looks up. He goes back to the other side just in time before Maharaj ji can see anything. Supriya smiles seeing the packet. She asks Maharaj ji about it. Did you bring it? Maharaj ji denies. She says maybe Pulkit brought them. I was scolding him for no reason in the morning. Niru thinks what he will remember. I did everything and he is getting praises. No one cares about the FIL. I will also not do anything for anyone now. Supriya thinks to make sure this rope / divide is no more between them. I will wait to see when you do so.

Ganga comes to a slum area to meet Palash. Few people are mourning. She asks Palash what he is doing here. Palash says I work for them. I am trying to help them get justice. I asked you about lunch. I wanted to celebrate with them only. These people work in factories, houses to earn money. They are more scared of death rather than be happy for life because of addiction. Malhotra’s company is responsible for it. all the companies that make medicines get hold of all the drugs easily. They are used in making medicines. They have license to procure it. They actually make drugs in the name of making medicines. Such companies only kill people and fill their pockets. I fight for these kind of people only so I can give them a bright future. I hope you understand why this case is important for me. such a company took another life today. He leaves to help the people. The girl cries as her Bappa’s dead body is being taken away. Ganga is in tears. She thinks of her childhood. Palash takes leave from the family. ganga wipes her tears. He says you just saw one death. There are many people who will soon leave their family in this very state because of the drugs. He shows her a medicine. It is drug, poison in reality. Companies like Randox make such medicines and distribute them freely. They want people to become habituated to it. An addict loses any sense of right and wrong when he does not get the drug. He may die if he does not get it.

Janvi looks for the medicine in her room. The bottle is empty. She panics. How do I get them now? She calls Yash. She hears his phone’s ring and finds him sitting at the window. She asks for the tablets. I know you have them with you. Give them to me please. He does not let her get the tablet. It was a free sample which I gave to you earlier. You will have to give me 25k for this one. She does not have that much money with her right now. He teases her showing the empty bottle.

Palash and Ganga turn to go. Ganga hears the girl crying for her Bappa. She is all shaken up. He asks her if she is fine. I knew you will get upset if you come here. I dint want to you to come here but you insisted. I am sure you have some urgent work so you came all the way here. Ganga is in a fix thinking about Sagar and Palash. Palash again Ganga asks her what she wanted to ask. She asks him when to come tomorrow. he knows she dint come here to say this. she agrees. I also want to add that I am lucky to fight with you in this. I will support you completely in this. He points out that this will be very difficult to follow. She remarks that no one else can even think how difficult this will be for her but Ganga has never learnt to follow an easy path.

Precap: Janvi gives 10k to Yash. Take the rest amount tomorrow. he wants full payment. You married in such a big house and are so beautiful. Your husband is also the biggest lawyer. You can ask money from him. sagar knocks at the door just then.
Sagar is doing work when Janvi stops him. why do you behave like this with me? you behave as if I don’t exist. I am your wife! He says I know it already. I accepted it before everyone that day. What do you want now? She replies that she wants his love and support.

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