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Ganga 1st October 2015 Written Update

Ganga looks at the sun as she unites both her hands like her Bappa used to do. She smiles. Sudha looks curiously at her. She asks her if she had a bath. Ganga nods. Bappa said that the path of truth is very tough. A lot many problems come in the way. Sudha says come back safe. I will be worried till then. Ganga remarks that she gets scared a lot. Sudha retorts that she is good the way she is. I don’t like jumping in the fire like you.

The family comes to Chaturvedi Sadan. Niru is taking bath. Amma ji sends Maharaj ji to bring water for the guests. She applauds the parents of the girl as they are sending her kid in this situation. You are very strong. You must be scared? The father of the girl nods. I trust Niru though. Amma ji agrees that her son sticks to her words. He is a lawyer but. What if a few goons turn up with guns? What will he do? I will pray for all of you. You are so great that you are risking your life for our Ganga. Thank you. She changes her tone when Niru comes downstairs. Niru asks Madhvi to get the girl ready but the parents of the girl back out. We thought a lot at home. We don’t want to put her life in risk. Niru tries to assure them but in vain. They leave. Niru is at a loss of answer now. Amma ji feels relieved. There is no way Ganga can come back now! She is shocked to hear Sagar say that he will go with his papa. I will go with you wearing Ganga’s clothes. Madhvi and Amma ji deny but Niru likes the idea. Let him come with me. If I cannot take a risk for my kid then I have no right to take a risk for Ganga? Amma ji and Niru argue over the matter. Madhvi too does not like the idea but Niru is proud of his brave son. He said it himself. It is very rare. Sagar thinks of Ganga’s words. I am no coward, right? Niru denies. You are very brave and strong. Amma ji in thoughts. Niru asks Madhvi to make Sagar ready asap. He gets Raghav ji’s call so he goes aside. Sagar thinks that Ganga will now realise that he isn’t scared of anyone.

Sudha looks at Ganga. Aren’t you scared? Ganga dnies. I am going to help Bappa through Babu. I want the culprits to be punished. They killed my Bappa and a lot other people. They ought to be punished. Pishi Ma, bless me in a way when people go on war. This is no less than war!

Niru takes Sagar with him in the car. He is dressed in Ganga’s clothes and is wearing a wig. Madhvi and Amma ji are super scared for him. They hope that they both return home safe. A goon (in the disguise of a police inspector in a police jeep) is keeping a watch on Niru. He informs someone about the same. They follow Niru’s car.

Pishi Ma blesses Ganga. Sudha hopes that Ganga’s plan is a success. Raghav ji comes there just then. I too am hoping for the same. You are doing a great thing Ganga. She says I am doing it for Babu. If he wins then my Bappa and a lot many other people will get justice. Raghav ji nods. Pishi Ma does Ganga’s aarti. May God help you in every step of your way. Raghav ji gives a sack to Sudha. Ganga nods that she is ready.

MLA warns the his goons not to make any mistake today.

Raghav ji keeps the sack in the car with the assistance with the ladies from the ashram. The goons have been keeping track of him. The girl is while in the sack! We really need to abduct the Female inside a secluded location. Raghav ji leaves in the van. The ladies glance concerned. The goons abide by Raghav ji’s auto.

The goons update the other men who are following Ganga but he tells them that Ganga is in Niru’s car. The goons still think of finding out who is in the sack then.

Madhvi tries Niru’s number but it is out of network area. Amma ji has not eaten anything since morning and still refuses to eat anything. Pulkit says he wants to go to court. Madhvi stops him. Pulkit thinks that they might need his help. He rushes out. Amma ji thinks that Niru and his sons are all the same. He has lost his mind. He is pushing his own kids in danger for a stranger girl!

The goons continue to comply with Raghav ji’s automobile. He presently understands that he is getting followed.

The goons overtake Niru’s auto. They prevent their jeep just before Niru’s auto. Sagar problems them for being policemen but Niru points out at their footwear. All of them are goons in disguise. Niru assures Sagar that he’s with him so he wants not get worried. Retain wanting down. Ganga’s phrases echo in Sagar’s head. The goon tells Niru that his activity is about. This Lady will go together with us now. His Guys get Sagar down. Sagar’s wig comes off since they pull him from the vehicle. Sagar sits again In the motor vehicle. Niru tells the goon that MLA’s video game is about. Ganga will give her assertion. The culprits will be punished. The goon leaves his way. But do don’t forget, we wont spare Ganga if we find her. Niru drives absent.

MLA gets to know that NIru fooled them. He orders his men to search every car that is on that way. The other group of goons too get to know about the same. The goons stop Raghav ji’s car. They take him down and then open the back seat of the car. The goon takes out a knife. He attacks the sack without even opening it. Raghav ji looks on in shock.

Precap: The ladies of widow ashram are heading to the court. The goons stop their truck. They get up in the back of the truck to look for Ganga.

Written Update By Sahir


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