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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Gayatri was worried about what is going on within, if Bhabi hadn’t interfere she could have listened to what trade Bauji was referring to. Seth ji comes in, he claims Bari Rani Maa came in this article to declare that Rana ji’s wedding ceremony will no much more occur into this household. Everyone is shocked. Bari Rani maa apologizes saying whichever had took place was from her will, so she now would like this marriage ceremony doesn’t take place here but in the royal palace. Gayatri’s brothers cheer, Bhabis and Kokilla are irked. Bari Raani maa says that she wants to see her Rana ji marry in royal palace. She invites Anyone towards the palace. Bhabi states it is excellent they can get to see royal palace Once more. Bari Raani Maa claims that when she will appear, there royal palace will get to find out conventional breeze all over again. She claims to Gayatri that her father thinks her being a sugar piece. Gayatri claims that a daughter in law should be a salt in dish, that if absent steals the taste of dish, and can’t even be separated. Bari Raani maa gives a little box to Gayatri, shocking Raaj mata. She asks Gayatri to open up it, Gayatri watches a nose ring in it. Bari Raani maa states This can be their family tradition that a bride wears. Gayatri touches the toes of Bari raani maa. Bari Raani maa states that in the event the trade has become performed, she also wishes to hand their household presents to Gayatri, normally takes a depart from spouse and children and leaves. Seth ji asks Bari Rani maa that it is a ask for that this trade Feel remains to them only, not a soul in the home knows about it. Bari Rani maa leaves.
Inside the palace, Kunwar thinks about Laksh and the last Despite him. Kokilla comes in and asks what he obtained by beating the young Kunwar so much. Kunwar ji jerks Kokilla and claims she has ruined her son, He’s a shame to this marriage. Kunwar ji claims Bari Raani maa has invited them to hold the wedding day within the palace. Kokilla states this time they may attack from two sides, if the enemy is saved from just one facet he will have to get defeated from the opposite 1. She heads to go somewhere and suggests she wants to just take permission for her trick.
Seth ji says to Gayatri that there is no trade, Bari Raani maa was just talking in hints. Gaytri says he is lying, he and Bari Raani Maa were discussing some trade. She states this marriage isn’t happening on account of her really like but as a consequence of some trade, If that’s so she’s going to just crack the wedding day. Seth ji tells her to not be crazy, Rana ji enjoys her a lot. Gayatri asks why he is crying. He claims he will avoid wasting tears for her marriage too. She asks if He’s telling her the reality. Seth ji asks if he at any time lied to her. Se denies and hugs Seth ji.
Raaj Mata relates to Bari raani maa who was lying on her resting chair. Bari Raani maa asks why is she stressing her small intellect, she ought to speak what on earth is in her thoughts. Raaj mata claims which the nose ring was of Surakshna, if Rana ji sees the nose ring he may well deny marrying. Bari Raani maa suggests she will for gratis break The principles of palace.
Kokilla relates to take authorization from Raaj mata to aid in preparations. Bari Rani maa mocks Raaj Mata that she has dilemma if someone do anything while in the marriage, and he or she has trouble if another person doesn’t do something from the marriage ceremony. She permits Kokilla to adorn the stage. Raaj mata also leaves.
Kokilla comes to the corridor and says now she will likely have exciting, on phase will take place the actual drama. She’s going to earn at any Value needless to say.
Gayatri was getting bridal makeover for wedding ceremony. There Rana ji was also preparing. Laksh thinks about Kunwar’s warning to him.

PRECAP: Rana ji looks at the nose ring in the wedding, he drops the sindoor saying he can’t marry this girl.

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