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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th July 2016 Written Update

Raja taunts Jeewan for always being late, in this world, college and in Rani’s life. He will always be second. Jeewan boasts he won’t even run in a horse. Raja insults him for being illegitimate. They hold each other’s collars. Bari Rani Maa thinks that British left, but taught us two thing, to say a sorry after even a murder and divide and rule policy. She comes to scold both of them.
Bindu meets Raja in the way with a smile, he heads to pass by but she holds his hand back. She asks if he is forgetting something. Raja asks what? She was upset, he smiles and bring about a gift for her. She asks if he really remembered her birthday and cheers. Raja demands for his return gift. Bindu says everything she has is his. Raja holds her hand and asks her to invite Rani on her birthday party as well. Bindu withdraws her hand and says it’s a party, she can’t call beggars. Raja scolds her. Bindu shows her dislike, she only got him caught in front of VP. Raja insists she saved him as well, rani is his friend and Bindu must not force him chose one of them. Tears fell off Bindu’s eyes, Raja leaves. Bindu wonders how he can even think about it. Bari Rani Maa comes to her and sides Raja, Rani is her old friend as well. She has an old relation with the palace. Bari Rani Maa thinks about taking care of Rani the way it was left in childhood.
Rani await restlessly in the college. Meenu taunts her, Rani says she was waiting for Raja and wants him to attend the classes regularly but he would never improve himself. Raja’s friends come with flowers for her handing her one by one. Rani demands Raja what was the need of this all. Raja says this is an apology for all his mistakes, he promises not to make her wait again. Rani was conscious about everyone around, Raja asks her to forgive her. She was irritated, and says she has been his friend. Now she wants him to be friends with books. In the corridor, he held her dupatta. She asks him to leave it and come alone. He abides by her.
In the café, Raja comes to Bindu and Rani. Bindu looks towards him, she thanks Rani for not complaining to VP about her, and sorry for hurting her. Rani says it’s ok. Bindu stops her and asks her forgiveness by heart, she must come to her birthday party tonight. A flashback of childhood birthday party plays in front of Rani’s eyes. Rani takes an excuse as she has to study, Raja insists. Rani smiles towards him and agrees to come. Raja holds Bindu and thanks her, Bindu assures anything for him. Raja leaves. Bindu was determined to be a bad girl for him today.
In the room, Rani was concerned about her clothes and hairstyle. Meenu only stared her and asks if she is getting ready for sir? Rani denies. Meenu inquires why she is being so shy. Rani denies again. Meenu qualifies she is only a topper in study, not lying. Sir won’t look towards her if she wears anything from this. Rani insists clothes don’t change anyone’s personality, but was again concerned about what to wear.
In the evening, Raja stood beside his car outside the college. Rani comes downstairs in white party attire. The lights across the corridor are switched on as she walks along the corridor. She comes to face Raja who was staring her all the way, he encircles her. He reads some poetic verse, he has seen her many times; but it seems as if it’s the first time, then presents a red rose to her. Meenu was shocked to hold it as Raja forwards the flower towards her. He asks Meenu if she would sit on his car’s front seat with him, kiss the back of Meenu’s hand and takes her along. Rani goes to take the backseat angrily. Raja corrects the rear view mirror to see Rani who had turned her face away, he smiles and drives towards palace.
They arrive at the palace, Raja comes to help Meenu first, and Rani feels annoyed and tries to open the door. Raja comes to open the door and gives her a hand. She curtly says she will come down just the way she climbed up, she doesn’t need him at all. She comes down and slip when Raja holds her in his arms. He smirks that whether she wish or not, he will always take care of her.

PRECAP: In the party, Raja complains why she left him. Rani replies him to make that Meenu wait for him. Raja drags her closely.

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