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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th October 2015 Written Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani watch online

Seth ji sat upset, Maa comes to him and says that his act hurt his daughter the most. She says that he has taught her to fight back, now she needs courage to fulfil her dream in that big palace. She tells him to go and meet her for a while.
Gayatri sat in her room, crying over Rana ji’s words. A servant comes to tell her that her father has come to meet her. Gayatri gets excited, then thinks he won’t be able to see her this way. She tells the servant to tell her father she isnt feeling well, she instructs him to not let him go without dinner. She was drinking the water then thinks a wife whose husband hasn’t accepted her can’t even drink water.
The servant tells Seth ji that Raani isnt feeling well, and she has instructed to not let him go without dinner. Seth ji says he doesn’t eat a bite from daughter’s house. Gayatri was hearing this all, she turns and finds a maid who says it is time to prepare food for temple. Gayatri says she will do that. Kokilla comes to kitchen, she jerks and the plate fell off. She says to Gayatri that Gayatri is so shameless, even this platter fell on the floor with a little jerk but she was insulted by her husband so badly, still she is standing shamelessly here. Raaj Mata stops Kokilla, she says that she will now speak and Kokilla must hear. She stops the servants and tells them to see the drama, she tells Kokilla that she was brought up in a palace, and still her character is so down. She says to Kokilla that whatever was between Rana ji and Raani Gayatri is a matter of spouses. Rana ji can’t take Gayatri’s right of being a Raani. She reminds Kokilla that all the heads that are raised against Raanis doesn’t stay on the body for a long time. She tells Kokilla to apologize Kokilla. Kokilla apologizes. Raaj Mata asks the servants if they heard something. Kokilla repeats aloud, crying, to forgive her. Raaj Mata says that she can leave now. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that she is a Raani, she must learn to reply her insult. She tells her to get ready, people are waiting to see their new Raani.
Kokilla comes to the room crying. Kokilla says there was a lot of insult. Kunwar asks in front of whom. Kokilla says everyone. Kunwar ji asks why she is so upset. Kokilla says insult was hers, Raaj Mata asked her to apologize Gayatri in front of everyone.
People cheered for Gayatri, Gayatri comes to the stage. Raaj Mata that this is for the first time that people of Amirkot have come to see the new Raani. She informs Gayatri that till two weeks from now, people will come to give gifts to Gayatri. This is a way of their respecting. People come to meet Gayatri as she receives gift. Seth ji comes covered face, he gives her whistle to her, he says he is also among the people of Amirkot, his daughter lives here and is really angry at her; if she meets her she must give it to her and say to her that her father is really ashamed of what he has done to her. She must also tell her that her journey is really tough in the palace, this will remind her that her father’s prayers are with her, this gift will give her strength to get her love. Gayatri heads towards Seth ji who was leaving, Raaj Mata stops her and tells her not to do this. People hooted for Gayatr who wipes her tears again.

Rana ji was practising archery, Gayatri appears from the principle doorway. She comes in front of his bow, both of those shift in direction of one another. Rana ji asks if she hopes to blame him for murder being the goal of his arrow. Gayatri claims that he did ample arrows on her yesterday, this piece of metal is nothing in front of that all. She suggests yesterday was his convert, now it is actually hers. He heads to depart, Gayatri claims that a partner and spouse have the relation of equality. Now he need to hear her answers, she asks that the palace is indebted by numerous businessmen, did he at any time Feel why Raaj mata only introduced the proposal at her residence and not any where else, mainly because it was in fate. Relations are tied Within this earth but are made in skies, God preferred them to become spouses. He can’t split this relation. Her oversight was that she beloved, and if it is sin she is proud to possess committed this. That is destiny that she loves him and he hates her. Now all the Culture will see that the power of really like is stronger than dislike. She promises that till Diwali, his hatred will get rid of in front of her love. Rana ji states that he claims that till Diwali, he will return Each and every and every penny of her father, when there’ll be no foundation for this relation he will deliver her out with the palace and his existence. Gayatri states that currently being a spouse, she can help him pay back his credit card debt and after that they may light-weight the candle together at Diwali. She calls for water, then orders the servant to provide the food items. The servant was stunned, she turns and asks if he couldn’t listen. She tells Rana ji that her war is more time, she need to eat a thing to obtain energy, turns and goes into the palace.

PRECAP: Gayatri suggests to Kunwar ji’s family that currently being a Raani, she’s viewing the costs of Royal palace nowadays. Laksh has an objection, Gayatri says that if any one has a difficulty they might deliver the concern in front of Rana ji. Rana ji was hearing this all, Gayatri passes from guiding him and both take a look at each other.

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