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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th May 2016 Written Update

There is a call to begin the game. Rani keeps a marbel in the spoon in her mouth and carefully walks towards the wall and climbs the wooden stairs. Raja gets a seat beside Kaal and informs he had gone for urination, a girl teased him in the way. Rano had climbed the wall and walks on its edge. Kaal scolds Raja calling him a coward. Raja looks up to see Rani up there. Raaj Mata and Lakhan were worried as they watched Rani there. Rani turns to see them on the other side of wall. Raaj Mata scolds Lakhan for Rani’s lie. Lakhan runs to Rani and holds her as she slips off the wall. The boy had won. Lakhan wipes Rani’s tears, she asks till when he will save her. Raaj Mata also comes there. Kaal awards the winner. Rani was upset for losing. Kaal whispers to call Rani as well. Rani cheers and runs to the stage. Raaj Mata and Lakhan hide behind a tree. Rani was gifted a bat, Raaj Mata recalls Bari Rani Maa’s hatred for Rana ji and Gayatri. Rani questions Kaal why she is being gifted, Kaal explains she is really brave, that is why. He murmurs at Raja to learn something from her. Raja was to gift her with the award, Rani mocks him to be a prince. Kaal gives the bat to Raja, he looks at Kaal then awards it to Rani. Rani cheers with the bat, takes blessing from Kaal but as she bends to Bari Rani maa and watches her gold hand, she runs away calling her a witch, the bat fell off her hand. The host farmer was apologetic, Bari Rani Maa says she is a kid after all. Raja holds the bat victoriously and runs away.
Rani crosses the farms, Raaj Mata hold her in her arms and run across the farms. Lakhan gets them, making her calm. Raaj Mata shivered in panic. Lakhan assures they are unaware who Rani is. Raaj Mata promises nothing would happen to Rani, she gets a cough and blood comes in her sputum. Lakhan was tensed at once.
In the palace, Raja boasts about winning the bat. Jeewan put a foot in his way and won the bat. He reminds him the lesson in the morning to sacrifice everything for younger boy. A young girl stops Raja’s way in a similar manner, winning the bat. She takes it to Raja, both laugh at Jeewan. Jeewan accuses Bindu but Swarna comes there and slaps Jeewan, she asks if he held a hand over a girl, if this is what his father taught him. Kaal and Bari Rani Maa watched this.
The doctor assures Raaj Mata she would get well soon, it was just a heat stroke in her old age. Rani forbids Raaj Mata to do any house chores, she would prepare Kaara for her. Kaal comes to Swarna, Swarna confronts him well saying he couldn’t teach any manners to his children. Kaal heads towards Bindu, Swarna protects her holding his hand from behind. Kaal questions Swarna his worth, she is a daughter in law by name only. Swarna counters he is also a prince by name only. If she goes to police station, police would come here and turn him into another animal. He made her so fearful that her fear has now ended, she can go away from this palace now and no one can stop her, neither him not this falling wall (Badi Rani Maa) but she will live here, to witness their ends. She takes Bindu with her.
Bari Rani Maa stops Kaal and reminds him everything has a time and a manner. Now isn’t the time to murder someone unquestionable. Kaal warns his sons to play with Bindu again.
Raja helps Bindu in his room, he informs her about Kaal’s warning. Bindu wonders if it was because her mother fought, she calls elders to be idiots. Raja takes Bindu to play hidden from everyone.
The doctor tells Lakhan outside that Raaj Mata has TB and isn’t well. It’s dangerous, he has to get her treated in a TB hospital. Lakhan was worried for her and inquires about the cost of her treatment. Lakahn was even worried hearing the cost would be 500, the doctor was ready to get him some concession. Lakhan was worried about Raaj Mata and Rani, he turns to see Rani crying if Raaj Mata would also leave her just like her mother. She prays in temple, and cries in front of Lakhan. Lakhan assures to get Raaj Mata treated, they will work hard to get money.

PRECAP: Kaal beats on Raja’s hands for playing with Bindu.

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