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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bari Rani maa asks Savitri why she is crying getting the bangle. Savitri tells Bari Rani maa she got this expensive gift for the first time, a poor always cry at such expensive gifts and leave. She comes to her room and puts the bangle on, thinking about Rana ji. Bari Rani maa watches her as she watches her face. Bari Rani maa thinks that she will now join Gayatri’s relation to death, she points the gun towards her. Kokilla hits Bari Rani Maa, the gun fell on the floor. Kokilla points it at her own self and asks Bari Rani maa to kill her like she killed her son. She did what Bari Rani maa asked for, she didn’t even get a crown but her son’s dead body. Bari Rani Maa was alert and says this isn’t the right time. Kokilla says for her no time is right or wrong, Kunwar ji comes there. Kokilla says Bari Rani maa only watched her son dying in front of her. Kunwar ji slaps behind Kokilla’s head, she faints. He takes her inside. Savitri comes out, Bari Rani Maa hides with her gun.
The doctor tells them Kokilla will soon be fine. Kunwar ji slaps from Kokilla’s side, she has gone crazy because of Laksh’s death. Rana ji comes asking about Kokilla. Kunwar ji says Kokilla is a mother. Rana ji gives Savitri the responsibility of Kokilla. Savitri says it is a huge one. Rana ji says one only burdenizes who can bear it, it is his decision. Savitri nods. Rana ji asks Kunwar ji not to worry, they can’t die with the dead. Bari Rani maa thinks about Gayatri, her encounters with Gayatri in the past. She takes the gun and fires the bullet at once, Savitri saves herself. Rana ji asks why she just shot? Bari Rani Maa comes to realization.
Bari Rani Maa holds her head calling Gayatri. Bari Rani maa says one must win his ownself to win from others. Today she fought with her own rage. If Gayatri tells Rana ji she had changed the bullets in the gun, then. She cries what she did. Rana ji comes to her room. He says he knows why she shot the bullet. The roots of her act are in the accidents that are happening in the palace for the past few days, now if she will tell him the truth or should he. He hugs Bari Rani maa and says Laksh died in front of her, this sadness and anger was boiling inside her. The conditions are unfavorable now. Savitri hears this. Bari Rani maa says he is right, there was a storm and she had been upset but will no more. Bari Rani maa thinks Gayatri had a great time telling her truth, if this planning’s still in her hands. Bari Rani maa says now Rana ji will take away her pain.
Savitri was in her room, Rana ji asks if she is fine. She says no. He says he was really worried. Savitri asks why he would be concerned for a maid. Rana ji says he is curt not a stone, he can’t see someone dead in front of him. She thinks she must do some drama taking Bari Rani Maa’s name. She suggests what if Bari Rani Maa wants to kill her. Rana ji says she likes her. Savitri asks if there is a Diwali today, that Bari Rani Maa shot her. Rana ji says picking up arms doesn’t suggests intentions. Savitri repeats his words for Gayatri, may be she held the gun for something else. Rana ji gets a head ache and leaves. Rajeshwari watches him come out of Savitri’s room, she comes to his room where Savitri was. She clutches Savitri’s hand and says she knows what Savitri is doing. She wants to take Rana ji, but can never reach him. Savitri says Rajeshwari is lost. Rajeshwari says prince always bring toys to play but of crystal, not of coal. She is just a shoe. Rajeshwari calls her worthless. Savitri counters her. Savitri asks her to listen to her now, why Rajeshwari snatches her hair thinking about Savitri, why is a princess afraid of a maid. Rajeshwari is beautiful, why she can’t hold her husband then? She is always afraid to lose Rana ji, because she also knows Rana ji doesn’t look at the face. Rajeshwari’s soul is blacker than her face. Rajeshwari holds a vase to take Savitri’s life, Bari Rani maa stops her. Rajeshwari says she will not leave this maid now. Bari Rani maa asks why she only insults Rajeshwari, when we point one finger towards other the rest of fingers are towards our ownself. She must control her anger. Rajeshwari leaves. Bari Rani maa says she will apologize from Rajeshwari’s side, sorry Gayatri. Savitri asks what she just said. Bari Rani Maa says Sorry. Savitri says she called her Gayatri. Bari Rani Maa says oh, she was thinking about Gayatri since morning. She tells Savitri that everything thinks of Gayatri to be wrong, but she knows Gayatri truly loved Rana ji. Savitri takes care of Rana ji like Gayatri did, they way she takes care of Rana ji Rajeshwari couldn’t. She says she came to apologize for what happened today. Savitri says if she thinks this about Gayatri she must talk to Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says Rana ji isn’t ready to hear the truth, Rana ji only remembers Gayatri shot a bullet at him. Now Rana ji will be happy with Savitri’s care, he will get his memory back. Bari Rani Maa hugs her thinking that now Gayatri will play according to her plan.

PRECAP: Rana ji says Savitri is right, he must try to live in today. He will live in present, he will give Rajeshwari a second chance.

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