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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Rajeshwari complains about Rana ji throwing coffee over her. Bari Rani Maa says it is only about six months, if the prince doesn’t get well the throne is handed to someone else. And in her presence, Rana ji won’t get well and the throne will come to Kunwar ji. Rajeshwari says she is a princess, she can’t live as servant. In past two months, four servants have left, they must now find someone who can bear the temperament of Rana ji. She leaves. Bari Rani Maa and Kunwar ji were talking about her when a guard comes to tell them someone is here to meet Kunwar ji.
Lakhan says to Kunwar ji that he will now work on the money Kunwar ji will offer him. Kunwar ji says alright, this time he will get only one fourth of the money he was promised before. There, Rana ji sat on a chair, his legs being pressed by a servant. He pushes him from his leg and tells him to send someone else. Lakhan asks about Raaj Mata, Kunwar ji tells him not to interfere in other matters.
Kokilla stops a maid and watches the meal’s tray. She scolds her that she isn’t a princess, she is a prisoner. Lakhan wonders who they have kept imprisoned.
In the jail, Raaj Mata denies eating anything. She wonders where Gayatri is. Gayatri cried and couldn’t believe that Rana ji had left his memory. Lakhan tells her that Rana ji now hates her, he thinks she was his murderer and tried to kill him from bullet. He gets enraged even at her name. Gayatri says love is still alive, as hate in his heart and craziness in her heart. Lakhan says the bullet is still in Rana ji’s head, he sometimes has such pain that he can’t take care of himself. Only Bari Rani Maa can take care of him. Gayatri asks about Raaj Mata? Lakhan says he couldn’t know anything about Raaj Mata. Gayatri says she must go to the palace, she can’t let her family, husband and mother in law suffer in the hands of Rajeshwari. Lakhan says Amirkot isn’t the one she had left, she can’t go to palace. Gayatri says staying far one can make shed of tears, but to wipe them one needs to go close.
At night, Gayatri comes to the temple. She says trust makes a stone idol as God, but today this faith is breaking. What mistake Rana ji did, he fulfilled every responsibility of a Raja, a son and a wife. She believed that fate is in fist, hard work and courage are greater than fate. She says to God that it is his responsibility to keep this trust unbroken. She says this is God’s testimony, if there is God they must show her a way. She pleads for getting her love back, she can’t go back to Amirkot as Gayatri. She sits at the floor and procrastinates. When she stands up, her face had been filled in mud. She watches her face reflection in Trishol. She thanks God for the way to get her Rana ji back.
The next morning, in the palace Pandit ji asks Bari Rani Maa if Rana ji is ready. Only a prince can do this pooja. Kunwar ji says he is the prince of this year. Bari Rani Maa says he means Rana ji is ill, this year Kunwar ji will do the pooja. Pandit ji says Raaj Mata and Rana ji did the pooja each year. Bari Rani Maa says Raaj Mata is no more here. Kunwar ji will do the pooja. Bari Rani Maa is happy that no one is here to stop her now.
Gayatri enters the palace in a changed avatar of South-western desert women, skin tanned, dressed in choli ghagra with veil. As she walks in the palace, Rana ji dreams about Gayatri. He is disturbed and wakes up shouting Gayatri, Gayatri. Raaj Mata also feels Gayatri to be around. She comes to hold the bars in hope and cries. Kunwar ji, Bari Rani Maa and Kokilla hear Rana ji’s voice. Bari Rani Maa heads towards his room, Pandit ji stops but they say they will be back soon. A guard comes to Rana ji with water, he had head ache and didn’t respond. He touches his hand, Rana ji slaps him hard and tells him to leave. Bari Rani Maa rubs Rana ji’s forehead and tells him to be patient. Rana ji says he destroyed his sleep, he will punish him for this. Bari Rani Maa tells him to lay down. Rajeshwari comes downstairs curtly that he made another servant run away. She wonders where she must get a servant. Lakhan comes to Rajeshwari and suggests her to keep a nurse for Rana ji. He says he knows a girl who can serve Rana ji for even seven births. Rajeshwari asks who that is.
Gayatri comes to the temple and proves. Lakhan says she has been burnt and has turned to coal. She isn’t afraid of anything and never backs up. While praying, Gayatri thinks she is back to take care of Rana ji.

PRECAP: Rana ji stands with hunter to punish the servant who ruined his sleep. Gayatri holds the hunter string from behind. Rana ji drags her into his arms. They share an eyelock.

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