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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

There was celebration, Kokilla says that as she will mix this acid in the haldi Gayatri will have such a burning that she will forget Rana ji. Raaj Mata goes to put on Haldi to Gayatri.
Kunwar ji prepares for a deep dug hole in ground where one of his men fell down and die. He orders his men to cover it.
The guests arrive at Seth ji’s house.
Kunwar comes to the place where Rana ji’s pooja was going on. He awaits the killer to attempt the murder. Rana ji gives the royal jewellery to the princess to be of Amarkot. She announces that the dress has been designed by the special designer and is only 1 lac 25 thousand.
Pandit ji tells Rana ji about a ritual that the groom has to get annoyed and the family members come to make him up. Rana ji leaves.
While in the operate, Kokilla thinks that Gayatri will burn herself totally when she places on this haldi.
Rana ji moves in the direction of the depth in the stream, Kunwar Laksh and Kunwar follows him and awaits his move on the hole.
As Raaj Mata involves Gayatri To place haldi on her Kokilla awaits the drama for being played. Raaj Mata usually takes haldi on her hand and wonders why her hand is burning. Kokilla asks Raaj Mata why she stopped?
People today phone calls Rana ji to stop and don’t go ahead. Laksh stops him but Kunwar tells him not to prevent. Rana ji moves to the hole.
Raaj Mata states that Raaj Mata wishes Kokilla to placed on haldi to Gayatri to start with.
Rana ji nevertheless moves in direction of the outlet. Suddenly Kunwar Laksh ways on the opening and shouts, Rana ji and Kunwar retains him again.
Raaj Mata asks Kokilla To place to the turmeric. Kokilla says that she didn’t get it what she said. Bhabi’s repeats Raaj Mata’s terms. Kokilla is unconfident and her fingers shiver as she holds the turmeric bowl.
Rana ji will help Kunwar Laksh from the outlet.
Kokilla drops the bowl of turmeric and shouts in suffering as it experienced fell on her toes and burnt it. Absolutely everyone was nervous, Raaj mata asks why this kind of shouts?
Rana ji asks Kunwar why is he so concerned, exactly what is there in the hole they must also see. Since the Adult men eliminates the cover, there were sharp arms under it. Rana ji states to Kunwar that he has unsuccessful again. Kunwar asks what does he signify? Rana ji says that his protection can be a responsibility of Kunwar, he has failed once more. Seth ji states This can be God’s blessings that he is saved, he suggests that To begin with the bomb, then the statue and now this hole; who will be involved with all this. Rana ji moves and phone calls Kunwar Chandarwadhan… what he thinks over it. Kunwar ji says might be British are soon after him, Rana ji claims that He’ll shortly purchase all what he has carried out by getting rid of his personal lifestyle. The guards get keep of Kunwar’s allotted killer. Rana ji tells them that he informed the guards to control Anyone, the guard tells Rana ji that only he was a different gentleman within the palace, he accepts that he planned it all yesterday but didn’t reveal the name.

PRECAP: an old lady tells Gayatri in the temple that this wedding will take away Rana ji’s life. The trumpets of this wedding will be blown by Yamraj. As Gayatri tries to get the lady she runs away. Some men follows Gayatri on the road at night, there was a cart nearby. Gayatri hugs Bari Rani Maa’s feet as soon as she comes out of the cart.

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