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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd October 2015 Written Update

In the palace, Raaj Mata comes and calls Seth ji out. Seth ji blesses Gayatri by keeping a hand on her head. Raaj Mata says to Seth ji that he should have atleast been ready for this as Gayatri had to know about it one day. Seth ji says that no father can see his daughter in pain. He asks Raaj Mata to let Gayatri go with him. Raaj Mata says that he has married his daughter. She promises Seth ji that Gayatri will not lack anything in the palace, and there is no pain that can’t fill in time. Seth ji says if this doesn’t happen, he will take Rani Gayatri Devi of Amirkot back home.
Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri. She says that when in childhood, they used to fake marry the dolls and if there was a fight she used to bring her dolls back home. But in real life, she can’t go back home if there is a problem. If she returns, her and her father’s respect will get ruined. She says that Seth Govind and Raaj Mata married their children for their benefit. And Gayatri is the Rani of Amirkot only because of this trade which she is cursing. Gayatri says she didn’t want to be a Raani but a wife. Raaj Mata asks doesn’t she want to become now? She says that Gayatri is stealing her looks from the responsibilities of a wife, a daughter in law and of a Raani. She didn’t do good today by leaving the ritual. If she doesn’t fulfil her responsibilities of a Raani, she will get the rights of a wife as well. She says that love wins itself and only the fighters get successful, not the runners. Gayatri says that success and defeat are only a part of Raajneeti, not love. She doesn’t know if she will live here or will return to her mother’s home, but she will tell Rana ji the truth that she didn’t know about trade thing.
Seth Govind was at home lost in whatever had happened in the palace. Maa asked him about the ritual and Gayatri, how she was looking, what she was wearing, if she has adjusted. She notices Seth Govind upset and asks if Gayatri is fine. Seth ji says that Gayatri is really happy in the palace, she has become a Raani. Seth Govind’s tear fell off his eyes.
Gayatri comes to Rana ji’s room. Rana ji tells her to leave, Gayatri says she will leave but he will have to listen to her first. He tries to ignore, she says she won’t let him go without listening to her. Rana ji says that he thought today was enough of drama, she may do whatever she wants to, she may stay or leave, he isnt moved. He shuts the door from inside. Gayatri says that when she heard all his lies, he can’t listen to one of truth. She is going back to her home and will never return. She comes to her room and thinks that she will leave, but being a Gayatri that was married into this palace. She takes her jewellery off, changes to her old clothes and get up. She thinks why she is crying, she will only take her father’s bangle and her self-respect from the palace. She looks behind at the palace and remembers the promises of respect from Rana ji, then his denial to the relation.
Bari Raani Maa bribes the Pandit ji not to tell anyone whatever happened today. She watches Raaj Mata at the doorstep and murmurs that worrying about the respect of the house is the duty of houselady. Raaj Mata tells Pandit ji to leave, she says to Bari Raani Maa that she ruined her respect in front of an outsider, she must not do it again. Bari Raani Maa says that in front of the whole world, her grandson and her family’s respect was ruined. She had forbidden her not to make a common girl, the Raani of this state but she had to do a trade. Now she has seen the results.
Gayatri leaves the house.

Bari Raani maa states that obtaining the respect will take centuries and it’s missing within a moment. Today that girl dropped all their respect. She, the Bari Raani maa orders the Female need to be thrown out of the palace as quickly as possible, as she has confirmed to not be truly worth a Raani. Raaj Mata states that she will be the operator from the palace and she will just take the decisions. Bari Raani maa asks if she wants to change her choice. Raaj Mata says she only hopes to remind that she doesn’t have the ideal to acquire this conclusion. Bari Raani Maa says she will see who changes her decision. Raaj Mata claims company don’t have a authorization to choose decision, this isnt her household, she may be the mom of Kunwar ji and stage mom of massive Rana ji. She is her action mom in legislation, and the selections of life aren’t taken via the techniques. Bari raani maa stands up angrily, she suggests that now she got where by Gayatri discovered misbehaving. Raaj Mata suggests she’s her shadow, Bari Raani Maa. She reminds her that she would be the Raaj Mata on the state, and Bari Raani maa is simply the grand mother of Rana ji who tells tales. Raaj Mata has to be allowed to make the story, else she must not forget that attendees have to leave one day. Bari Raani maa suggests that she will have to regret what she has explained. Raaj Mata leaves.
Maa prepares a pickle and tells Bauji to fall it to Gayatri’s home as she enjoys it. Seth ji sat upset. The doorway of the home opens and Gayatri enters. Seth ji is stunned to find out her, even though Maa cheers. She goes and asks Gayatri how she is, hasn’t Rana ji come. He have to have remaining her. She looks at Gayatri’s apparel and her rise up, then watches regardless of what she experienced in her hand. She asks if she had an argument with somebody, is Rana ji alright. She asks Seth ji what transpired. Seth ji was also silent, Gayatri appears at him. Maa asks Gayatri what has happened, Gayatri cries and claims practically nothing is still left to inform. Anything has ended. Seth ji cries too.

PRECAP: Maa states to Gayatri that if she doesn’t do something now she is going to regret normally, The person she cherished probably the most hates her one of the most. Rana ji claims that if she doesn’t return till evening, He’ll settle for whatsoever Raaj Mata is saying but if she returns, his opinion about him is correct.

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