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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 29th July 2016 Written Update

The next morning, Raja watches the time thinking Rani won’t come. Rani comes to wish them morning, Jeewan notices the bandage on her arm. Rani says nothing, Raja gifted her something and shows it to them all. She then hands him to pen allowing to complete what was left yesterday. Jeewan wonders if she has gone crazy. Rani says Raja’s name would be engraved over her body, just the way people put a tag into pet’s hands. She throws her stroller over Raja, allowing him to engrave his name anywhere on her body. Raja comes to drape her again asking if she has gone crazy. Rani asks why he is ashamed today, when he was shameless yesterday. Today she wants to see how low he can fall to insult her. Raja drags her inside. Jeewan complains to Kaal about Raja.
Raja brings Rani into the store room asking why she insulted him in front of his family. Rani jerks his hands away, asking if only he has such right. Raja says if she still has a courage to fight him, Rani says whatever happened yesterday boosted his courage. He must remember if he is Raja, she is also Rani and will reply in the same language he asks a question. He may do anything to defeat her, she will see who wins in the game of his stubbornness and her ability to bear.
Raja holds her hand and drags her to the palace entrance. Raja asks if she wanted to see how tall his stubbornness is. He brings a paint bucket, and says she will paint the rest of this wall. Rani thinks she is afraid of heights. Raja asks what happened, is she afraid? He suggests her to accept defeat, and simply say she was wrong and he was right. Rani accepts the challenge, and takes the bucket. The painter says the wall is really high, she won’t be able to do. Raja scolds him to mind his own business. Rani climbs the wooden ladder. She soon begin to sneeze, the painter suggests her to wrap her face with her stroller. Her stroller was tucked in a nail on ladder, Rani fell down into Raja’s arms. He drops her down on floor, sits besides asking if seen the height of his stubbornness, both she and her courage would have broken. Rani always has to bend in front of Raja, else she loses. Rani stops Raja, saying she won’t accept defeat before decision comes out. She hasn’t lost yet, as he didn’t win. She ties her face with her stroller, and climbs the ladder again. Raja scolds the workers to go away, no one would help her. Rani embrace herself to work, fighting her allergy.
Kaal tells Raja that it’s not a bad thing to be bad but to be bad-named is bad. He won’t get an election ticket. Raja won’t get what he wants, if he doesn’t get what he desires for. If he can’t handle that girl, he will give this project to Jeewan.
Jeewan comes clapping, its lunch time and she must come downstairs now. Rani says she isn’t hungry. Jeewan warns to eat all the lunch her Dadu prepared, if she doesn’t want so she must come down now. Rani steps down, Jeewan sends her to wash her hand while he serves for him. She smiles watching Jeewan prepare for them both. They share the food, Jeewan asks what’s on her face. Rani says she is allergic, Jeewan offers to ask Ram Singh to do the rest. Rani was determined to complete it. Jeewan calls her courageous, he must have broken by now. Rani narrates her Dadu that troubles turn a man stronger, Jeewan says he must be the strongest by now as Raja has always teased him since childhood. Raja watches them together. Rani insists he wasn’t any less in childhood, Jeewan smiles that by time his mischiefs lessened.
At night, Bindu hears Jeewan reading a few verses and laughing hysterically. She comes to him wondering if he has gone mad fearing himself. Jeewan walks to her as she gets afraid to, and shows her a book about Bhramrakshas. Bindu doesn’t believe in any, Jeewan hushes her up. He gives her the book, and shouts at her to take it. Bindu shuts her ears, Jeewan mocks her by laughing. He tells her to read the book, if she doesn’t feel any fear he will do whatever she asks for. She takes his hand and makes a deal with her. Jeewan calls her from behind that only fears her.

PRECAP: Rani wakes up besides Raja in the morning. Raja holds her asking what’s the need to shy now, whatever happened last night made herself as his. 

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