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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th November 2016 Written Update

In the morning, Rani comes to Raja to go to Nusrat. Raja hands her the newspaper where she reads Nawab Iqbal Khan is responsible for Heera Mandi activities. Even a girl from Heera Mandi was present in MNA’s party and Iqbal was responsible for this deal as well. Rani suspects something wrong in this, she gets a call from governor and assures to be there in a while.
At home, Iqbal’s mother and sister were worried about the news. His mother scolds him for disgracing his father. Iqbal asks if she thinks he would do this, she taunts he likes the girl in Heera Mandi. Iqbal says this is all truth, he goes there every night and doesn’t care what she would think of him. Iqbal gets a call from governor office, it seems Heera Mandi is being shut. Iqbal says he won’t let this happen.
In governor’s office, the governor says he can’t let this happen. Rani says black has a characteristic, it absorbs any color. There are a few people from their party who go there every night. Thakkur boasts his father went there, but he is unlike Nawab Iqbal who has started to own the place. Governor takes a decision to shut Heera Mandi. Rani was worried for the women living there. Thakkur laughs that her friend Nusrat also live there. Rani insists those women need their help, first they need to help them. Governor shuts Thakkur’s taunts, and tells Rani they would think about women’s rehabilitations later. Firstly, they need to deal with the fire already lit, else it will burn their governance. He hopes they are all with him, the meeting was dismissed. Thakkur apologizes Rani as his slap costs his counters quite much. He tells Rani about informing the press.
Nawab come to Rani asking about governor, she should so something to stop Heera Mandi being closed down. Rani says governor has already taken the decision.
In the Heera Mandi, the media reporter questions about Nawab Iqbal Khan. Shabnam tells him that Nawab only comes for Nusrat every night.
In the palace, Rani asks Raja to keep Nusrat at their place until she doesn’t get somewhere.
The reporter insults Nusrat, she counters him. The reporter deters to show his manlihood to Nusrat now, Iqbal comes to punch the reporter and takes Nusrat inside. He hands her a dress, and was ready to give her right over his life, his happiness. He wants to marry her now. Nusrat cries that he is buying further disgrace to himself. Iqbal was ready to bear his insult, but not parting away from her. His love can never be lessened, no matter what; he holds the tears and pains precious. She will always stay with him, as his wife. He tells her to get ready, till then he would return with preparations of their Nikah. Nusrat cries she never dared to dream about it, and promises to be ready in time.
In the mosque, Iqbal informs the Molvi about getting married. He considers himself lucky that she is ready to hold his hand. Molvi asks about her, she must be a princess; who her father is. Nawab was speechless.
Rani enters Heera Mandi. Nusrat was ready as bride, speaking to herself that she is ready to marry Nawab Iqbal Khan. Iqbal tells Molvi that he might deny marrying him with her, if he knows the name. Molvi tells Nawab he is ready to marry him. He asks for some medicines, Nawab was ready to get them to her.
Rani and Raja enter Nusrat’s room and were shocked to see Nusrat handing from the fan. Rani cries while they keep Nusrat’s dead body. She cries looking at Raja that she filled everyone’s life with light, but her own life was a dark one. She wonders why Nusrat did this. Shabnam holds Nawab responsible for killing her over. They hold Nusrat’s body and bring it to hospital. Police inspector assures Rani to investigate the matter well. In the police station, inspector asks Rani why she is upset because of someone who chose guilt for herself. He has seen many such cases, people only consider them respectable until they are worthy. Rani asks to hand her over to her, they will bury her. She had sisterhood with her. The inspector assures to hand her dead body to Rani. Rani wants her bridal dress back as well.
Nawab’s mother asks Rani for an important news. Rani informs her that Nusrat is no more, her funeral would be tonight. In the hospital, Iqbal brings flowers for Nusrat thinking that Nusrat loves them, she belongs to him and now even death can’t part them. The cloth from Nusrat’s face fell over, Iqbal crosses the stretcher when his bag fell over. The nurse covers Nusrat’s face, but Iqbal touches her hand. the inspector tells Iqbal it was a suicide case. Iqbal places the flowers over the body, and bids a farewell. He turns around watching Nusrat’s body being taken with the flowers.

PRECAP: Rani throws soil over Iqbal’s face, saying this is Nusrat’s grave’s soil. She prays he never get true love, as he spoilt Nusrat’s life.

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