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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 28th April 2016 Written Update

Gayatri insists to Raaj Mata if they have to end the fear they have to end the reason of fear, they must end Kaal. Raaj Mata asks if she knows about the effect it will have on her child. Gayatri says her child would learn about living with swords, she would then protect this mother earth when grown up.
Kaal shots a bullet and appreciates the Indian arm. He watches his child Raja crying, he goes to separate him from his mother forbidding her not to make him coward. Kaal points the gun towards him, then gives him the gun. He tells him that rule of the world is, the one who preys get the flesh. Raja cries, his mother drags him away. Kaal says he has dog’s mind and lion’s power, he accuses his wife why his child is such a coward. He warns her to make Raja brave else he will throw her back into the jungle he brought her from. She cries hugging Raja.
Gayatri practices with the sword, thinking about Rana ji’s blood-shed.
Kaal throws himself on a couch, when Rajeshwari comes there with a wine bottle. He asks who she is, she keeps the bottle and takes the knife off his hand. He smiles and takes her in his arms. A few women come requesting Gayatri to save them, Lakhan informs Gayatri all men who went to palace defending her have been killed. Raaj Mata questions Lakhan about showing this place to others. Gayatri boasts she has been given a whole army now, she isn’t alone anymore. All the women here have to fight for their children, the women vow; Raaj Mata promises she will teach them to fight.
The soldiers bring Gayatri’s mother and Bhabi to palace. Kaal holds her arm asking about Gayatri. Maa says she wouldn’t tell him even if she knew, she would have died instead. Kaal assures her sending her to her son in law, she would die on the whole chowk. Her daughter would come take her like her husband. Lakhan informs Gayatri about her mother’s punishment. Gayatri looks towards the temple, firmly saying let her mother die. She isn’t only a daughter right now, she is a mother and a princess as well. She can’t sacrifice all innocents, a daughter can fall ill but a Rani can never.
Gayatri’s mother had been tied with ropes near a tree. Bari Rani Maa was sure she would come for sure, while Gayatri’s mother pray she doesn’t come here. Kaal announces Gayatri couldn’t save her mother, what she will do with anyone else here. He orders death sentence for her. Bari Rani Maa calls till five. Gayatri’s mother is hanged, leaving everyone in cries. Kaal only laugh aloud. Bari Rani Maa wonders if Gayatri didn’t come save her mother, if she has really died; then why she is so restless. Kaal asks Bari Rani Maa to stop thinking about Gayatri now, and celebrate now.
Gayatri sat upset, Lakhan assure her Kaal thinks either she has died or left Amirkot. He was in a Sikh’s avatar. Gayatri nods, Lakhan points towards her mother and Bhabi. Gayatri runs towards them and hug her mother. She had given a ring for neck to Lakhan and instructed him to drape her with a black cap only after putting this ring on. Maa appreciated Gayatri to be Rani Gayatri Devi, she was upset to be of no use to her. Gayatri asks her to go away for always, like her brothers and father. They are her strength, she doesn’t want them to be their weakness. Kaal should be let accept what he does. Maa leaves. Gayatri was determined to go to Kaal.

PRECAP: Raaj mata teaches the ladies art of warrior hood.

Written Update by Sona

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