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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th July 2016 Written Update

At night, Raaj Mata asks Rani to have food, Raja must be busy. Rani goes plucking flower petals and counting if he would come or not. Raja comes from behind and swirls Rani in air holding her in his arms. Rani wakes up from her dream by the knock at the door. She was excited and goes to open the door. Raja stood outside, and smiles at her. Rani was shocked to see Bindu behind her, all dressed up. He boasts about Rani’s cooking to Bindu, then asks about Raaj Mata. Rani says that she is asleep. Bindu comes inside with a heavy heart. Rani comes to kitchen, Raja follows her and try to convince her for not ruining her mood.
Rani serves the food, Raja deliberately throws a spoon on floor and asks Rani to pick it up. Bindu watches a necklace and asks if Rani also has this pendant. She recognizes it to be herself, Rani stares at Raja. Raja asks if it’s her, he found it in the palace and picked it up. Rani wipes her tears and returns the pendant. Bindu asks her to keep wearing it, she won’t take it anymore as she isn’t used to wearing stale items. Rani says even she isn’t used to it. She comes into the room crying. Raja comes to explain Rani he was unaware she would dislike, he still holds the same feelings for her that aren’t dependent upon anything. Rani complains him about lying to her. Raja says he had no time to buy a gift for her, he had gone to bring Dadu. Whatever he said while gifting her the pendant was all true. He apologizes and hugs her, she hugs back but still stares at him angrily. Raja asks for a smile, she does. He takes her outside.
The next morning, Rani was waiting for Raaj Mata to hurry up. Raaj Mata brings yogurts and sugar, she was upset. Raaj Mata says at least he came, no matter late. She advices Rani to talk to him in a good mood, she is going to start a new task.
In the palace, everyone was having breakfast. Raja watches Rani and comments not bad, she came 5 minutes earlier. Bari Rani Maa offers Rani breakfast, it’s the first day of her work. Rani thanks her, Bari Rani Maa insists on her to sit. Rani was about to take a seat but Raja keeps his feet over it. He wonders what he ate last night that ruined his health. Jeewan offers Rani his chair. The maids serves Rani with a tea. Bari Rani Maa asks Rani why is she shy, should she serve her. Raja holds Rani’s hand on the table and reminds her that her five minutes are over. Bari Rani Maa asks Raja to let her have breakfast, one shouldn’t snatch someone’s bite early morning. Rani was confused about Raja. Raja says today is her first day. Rani stands up at once accepting Raja is right and goes inside.
Rani comes upstairs angry. Raja follows her. Rani asks why is he behaving like this to her. Raja tells her that he is just serious about his work. Rani suggests there is something in his mind that he has been hiding. A delegate arrives, Raja welcomes them. Bindu was along them. Rani was about to show them a presentation, Raja sends Rani to get tea or coffee for them. Rani assures asking Juman, Raja asks her to bring it herself. They order her with their likings. Raja suggests that Rani must write them.
Raja begins with the presentation and hands Bindu the stick watching her present the model. Rani brings tea for everyone. Bindu had finished the presentation by then, she turns to lose her balance and resultantly her sandal is broken. Raja demands Rani to get another sandal from Lovey’s room. She throws it with a jerk saying it’s not her job and she won’t do it. She turns to leave but Raja holds her arm asking if she is angry. He knows how to make her up. He gets closer to Rani, Rani feels uncomfortable first, then slaps Raja pushing him away. Raja laughs mockingly, Rani shouts what he has been doing. Raja asks why she is behaving as if there was never something between them, does she feel shy because everyone is here. He explains to the delegates that she is over acting. Rani turns to leave, saying to go hell with this job and him. Raja warns she will have to pay huge about it and follows Rani. Bindu gives a thumbs up to Bari Rani Maa. Raja holds Rani’s hand in the corridor and says its their commitment, she can’t leave this way. He carries her over his shoulders while she resists.

PRECAP: Raja tells Rani that she can’t leave this job without his permission else she will have to pay him 3 lacs; it has been written in contact. He repeats in hatred that she belongs to him only and pushes her away in the store room.

Written Update by Sona

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