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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Seth ji involves Gayatri, she touches his toes and he blesses her and asks if she is content. She says currently she has ridiculous in joy, she knows that her father wasn’t wrong; he taught her to dream and her dreams were fulfilled also. Seth ji asks if she isn’t satisfied to get a princess. She says she did something that he doesn’t understand about. Seth ji smiles and arms her the letter stating he understands almost everything. Gayatri seems at him, he states he promised her that if she needs for moon he will get it. Seth ji leaves, Gayatri claims she questioned to help keep him in Recollections and he permitted her to like him.

Rana ji writes a letter to Surakshna, he writes they the two are being loyal to each other. He is watching for her until now, but In addition to a lover he is likewise a prince and right now his place requires a sacrifice of his loyalty and memories along with her. He rides towards the bank of river, burns the letter and claims he will never be disloyal to her, she was, is and will be his princess and no person will consider this place.

There Gayatri sat before mirror, addresses her head with dupatta and states she will be the princess of Rana ji now.

The more youthful bhabi cries before the elder one which she didn’t know Gayatri will have these types of good luck that she will get Rana ji as her prince.

The following morning, Pandits of royal family members were at Seth ji’s home for matching the birth charts of Rana ji and Gayatri. Gayatri listened to this from driving the doorway, the youngsters disturb her but she tells them to operate away. Seth ji asks Pandit what occurred, Pandits say that each one the 36 properties match of their delivery charts. But possibly the wedding has got to take place in twelve days or for being awaited 6 months. Seth ji tells them that this relationship will take place in the next twelve days. He tells all of them to sweeten the mouths of Anyone.

Raaj Mata sat disturbed as she doodled over a paper. She considered Rana ji’s phrases that evening, and suggests Rana ji has got to agree to marry but he isn’t inside the palace. She doesn’t understand how to tell him if he doesn’t marry her… Kunwar asks what then? Is she correcting the wedding of Rana ji with that daughter of Seth ji. Raaj Mata suggests there are two variety of people, when there is hearth those who try to stop it and those who sit again and enjoy the drama. Kunwar asks if she thinks he is executing nothing, but he appreciates Rana ji will never concur on this relationship. Raaj Mata is concerned and rocks her chair vigorously.

At Seth Govind’s house, bhabis go over that how can an individual’s fate flip so before long. Gayatri hears this. The elder bhabi was expressing In case the royal palace didn’t contemplate the life of Rana ji. Gayatri’s finace died the next day of her engagement, she is an eclipse around the moon. Gayatri is harm. She involves Pandit’s and touches their toes. Pandits blesses her. Gayatri asks them if she’s Fortunate for Rana ji? Or is there a thing in her birth chart as a consequence of which Rana ji must endure. Pandit states to Gayatri that luck only relies on types deeds. He tells Gayatri that immediately after marriage, the two streams spouses meet up with, it is possible that if one stream isn’t pure it ruins the other 1 or even the pure h2o washes every little thing away. He says he is bound that Raaj Mata took the best conclusion to get her to palace. Seth ji was listening this all, he tells Gayatri not to think about nearly anything nevertheless the preparations of her marriage.

Pandit ji tells Raaj Mata that he did what she had said. He advised them that 36 houses match within their delivery charts, but that isn’t legitimate. You will find there’s fault in Rana ji’s beginning chart himself. His wives would die, just like his very first 1 and what if this takes place to Gayatri in addition. Raaj Mata asks what then? Gayatri’s daily life has no rate before Rana ji. Gayatri is simply a participant in the sport of chess to eliminate all of the debt. And he or she doesn’t treatment in regards to the lives of insignificant players in a match.

PRECAP: Rana ji burns all of the pictures, Raaj Mata stops him but he says that nowadays it is the close of a relation of the son and mom. Seth Govind involves explain to Raaj Mata about the date of relationship but Raaj Mata claims that Rana ji isn’t All set…

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