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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th September 2015 Written Update

Mr Wilkinson’s comes to Gayatri and says she is lucky to become a Raani being a common man. He has requested the British Government to accept her as a Raani, and hopes she will be loyal to The federal government. He knows that Indians are faithful as dogs. Gayatri stands up, she throws the crown off Wilkinson’s hand. She states she is faithful to her motherland, not into the robbers who arrived to rob India of each and everything, even the Kohinoor. Wilkinson’s states she’s blaming British, they received faculties, roads and trains in this article. Gayatri claims we experienced the artwork and culture, they came and manufactured the faculties to obtain clerks, they made roads so that it’s effortless for them to rob their nation. They improved the taxation on men and women to deprive poor of their fundamental necessities in addition. Wilkinson’s is enraged at this, he claims she has disrespected him and he received’t remain below, he received’t accept her as Raani. Raaj Mata stops him, Rana ji at the same time. Mr. Wilkinson’s claims that who she to misbehave with him is, she will have to say sorry. Rana ji gets offended that he shouldn’t fail to remember she is Raani. Wilkinson’s claims how dare he. Rana ji states how dare he, standing within the royal palace misbehave with his Raani. Wilkinson’s says that’s he, The federal government is of British, and they are just lions on paper. Rana ji claims it will Expense them Significantly if this paper lion displays him his accurate colors. Rana ji claims it is better for him to accomplish the crown ceremony of Rani and leave. Rana ji problems him and suggests if he wins then Wilkinson’s must do the crown ritual. Mr. Wilkinson’s accepts the problem. Bari Raani maa claims to Raaj mata this comes about any time you brings a standard girl as Raani, now Just about every and each fall of blood that could shed from Rana ji’s entire body will probably be as a consequence of her. Gayatri faints around the chair, Raaj mata asks Swarna to acquire Gayatri from listed here.
Rana ji and Wilkinson’s confront one another for sword struggle. Within the area, Swarna asks Gayatri what she has finished, Gayatri wakes up and asks she doesn’t try to remember anything. Swarna claims she insulted a British officer and now Rana ji is possessing a sword battle with Wilkinsons. The servants bring swords, Rana ji asks for his personal. The servant tells him he couldn’t uncover his Durga karak. Laksh smiles as he experienced taken it. Rana ji takes the sword, Kunwar ji states to Kokilla that Rana ji will reduce since for any fighter his sword is An important thing. He’s incomplete without his sword.
Gayatri is anxious and miracles what she has completed, she operates out for the corridor.
There from the corridor, Mr. Wilkinson’s and Rana ji start out the battle. Wilkinson’s jerks Rana ji absent who arrives at a defending position in addition to attacking a single. Wilkinson’s sword injures him on arm. Gayatri watches this with the corridor. Mr. Wilkinson’s connect Rana ji on his back yet again. Kokilla and Kunwar ji are joyful. Swarna suggests to Gayatri that nowadays Rana ji wants his Durga Karak the most, Gayatri remembers possessing the sword in kitchen area and rushes in direction of there. Gayatri states to Swarna within the kitchen that she is going to die if Rana ji is injured taking good care of her respect. Swarna claims that it must be there someplace. Gayatri states that the sword experienced the same pearls, They give the impression of being for pearl in the palace and heads to the home.
Bari Raani maa was angry at Raaj Mata that only she’ll be to blame for Rana ji’s defeat nowadays coupled with Raani.
Swarna and Gayatri appears to be for your sword. Gayatri’s foot is harm with the sword, she usually takes it Fortunately.
Wilkinson’s experienced bought Rana ji on ground, he asks Rana ji to accept defeat. Raaj mata states that his daily life is worthier than his achievement, he must settle for the defeat. Gayatri operates Using the sword toward rana ji. Laksh is shocked to view her with Durga Karak.

PRECAP: Bari Raani maa says that today she is with Gayatri and says that she has done the right thing today. She wants Rana ji to put crown on Raani Gayatri’s head himself.

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