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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 24th November 2015 Written Update

Bari Rani maa opens her eyes wide and clutches Gayatri’s neck, saying the game won’t end until she wins. She presses her neck hard and leaves it. Rana ji comes at the door. Gayatri holds her neck, while Rana ji comes to sit besides Bari Rani maa asking why she put on the fire. Bari Rani maa says she had burnt the day she saw doubt in his eyes. Rana ji says even if God accuses him, he won’t accept it. Bari Rani maa touches him with her hand which he kisses. He puts on her oxygen mask again and tells her to take rest. Gayatri leaves the room.
Swarna was in her room ready to change. Cheetah enters the room, Swarna is alert and asks how he dare enter the room without knocking. Cheetah says he enters the rooms and heart, both, without knocking. Swarna asks him to apologize. He asks her to forgive him, this mistake would be repeated for sure. Swarna tells him to go out. He says it would be difficult for him if he goes out, she tells him to put his bed on here and sleep. She forbids him to talk to her. He turns around, then comes near her. She lay on bed trying to avoid him but he picks a pillow and tells her not to worry as he won’t touch her her until she wants to.
Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that Bari Rani maa has woven the net of love aroud Rana ji, but if Bari Rani maa is playing we must also plan something.
Cheetah asks Swarna if she believes in him. She says not at all. He says if relations are like hers, she can’t believe anyone. Beggars are better than Rajputs, atleast they have loyal relations. Swarna cries that he is right, in this palace there is husband, relations but no one is there for the other one. Cheetah tells her that it is really late, she must sleep now. Swarna wipes her tears.
Rana ji sits beside Bari Rani maa thinking how she took care of him when he was a child and Raaj mata was busy in administrative works. His tears fell on her hand, Gayatri enters the room then. Rana ji says she has completed the responsibilities of grandmother, not she must see how this grandson takes care of her. Gayatri comes and keep a hand on Rana ji’s shoulder, she thinks Raaj Mata was right that Bari Rani maa is a trained player. Now it is time for old players to play new games.
In the morning, Swarna was asleep on bed while Cheetah was sleeping on the floor. Kunwar ji and Kokilla come talking to each other what Cheetah is doing, will he give an heir to them or not. Cheetah hear this, he unlocks the door, and jumps on the bed, shuts Swarna’s mouth tight as he lays with her. Kunwar ji and Kokilla enters the room. Kunwar ji says one must do this all at night, not day. Cheetah says this is done when the heart calls, but they have interfered now. They leave happily. Cheetah apologizes Swarna and says it could have been really bad for her had they caught them. He tells Swarna he isn’t that bad a man, picks his beddings and comes to help Swarna too. He sits beside Swarna saying he can’t guarantee a girl or a boy. Swarna asks if he is done. Laksh enters the room then. He comes inside and asks Cheetah what he is doing here. Cheetah says he is doing overtime. Laksh comes to Swarna and asks why they slept so late. Cheetah speaks he was telling her tales about his village. He throws a vase nearby threatening Swarna and leaves. Yashoda enters the room, and asks Swarna about Cheetah. Swarna says he is a servant, she is leaving for temple with him.
Gayatri comes to Bari Rani maa and takes her soup from the nurse saying she will feed her. She says to Bari Rani maa that she has finally won, but she hasn’t lost yet. She was newly married, it took her time to learn what happens here. She has now learned that here, fights are won not by bravery but cunningness. It is said that children must follow elder’s ways. Now she knows how she would uncover her in front of Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says wow, her mother in law couldn’t win so now she will complete her fight. She asks how Gayatri will uncover her. Gayatri says to Bari Rani maa that today there will be a Pooja. She will uncover her today in front of everyone. She says to Bari Rani maa this isn’t possible she can’t see Sindoor in her food that she just gave her. Bari Rani maa coughs. Gayatri says she was just playing with her. But it won’t be a game every time.

PRECAP: Bari Rani maa says to Rana ji that she will go to bless Gayatri in the pooja. She calls Gayatri for hug, then gets still at once pushing Gayatri away. Laksh denies giving his name to the child, Kunwar ji warns him that he would snatch his name from Laksh then.

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