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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Rana ji was participating in capturing video game. He thinks regarding the faces from the those who made an effort to misbehave with Gayatri. He thinks Gayatri had been attacked, and no one apart from Kunwar ji can try this. But he has to prove it. Gayatri passes in the corridor, looking at the very long moustache stability man she laughs out. Rana ji asks if she thinks This is certainly amusing. He drags her to him and asks her to just take an purpose, he will help her Using the gun. Gayatri only looks at Rana ji, he asks her to get an purpose and shoot. He reminds her it truly is there in entrance, shoot Raani Gayatri. Gayatri hides her head in his upper body the moment the Rana ji pulls the set off. He suggests if her possess palms shiver she shouldn’t have produced exciting of him. He normally takes a true gun and blow each of the bottles. Gayatri stands, her ears shut down. He tells the security guard to show her shooting.
Kokilla watches Gayatri and thinks there will be much more enjoyment in a few days. Kunwar ji will come there, he compliments her ring. Kokilla claims she understands He’s declaring this only for the reason that this ring consists of the herb that should Enable Gayatri go crazy for a little bit time only. Rana ji arrives there, Kunwar ji asks if he has come to look for the preparations. Rana ji claims he was pondering all the attackers, he thinks If your attackers are taking his silence as weak spot. He doesn’t react only due to the fact he experienced promised his father to maintain the family members united, but at that time he was Kunwar Indravadhan, now he is Rana Indravadhan. He has now promised to shield his Rani at the same time, he have to forget about the promise of the son now and become a Rana ji. Kokilla asks Kunwar ji that Rana ji deterred him, received’t he do just about anything. Kunwar ji says someone else can perform their function likewise, Mr. Wilkinsons.
Gayatri was passing with the corridor when she stops in the Image of Rana ji. She sends the Gentlemen inside the kitchen area and thinks that Rajputs get indignant without delay. She watches a person cleaning the swords and goes to take the sword from him. The servant tells her that that is a special and by far the most favorite sword of Rana ji. She assures she’ll clear it very well. Gayatri will take the sword to kitchen together with her. The Cook dinner is scared why Gayatri brought sword with her, Gayatri smiles that this isnt for him and keeps it apart. Raaj mata involves inquire Gayatri why she isnt All set still. Kokilla arrives there and claims Gayatri is hungry considering the fact that early morning, she tells a cook to get ready juice for Gayatri, then goes to get ready a glass for herself and mixes the herb in her ring. Gayatri finishes the glass without delay. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri to include her. Gayatri thinks she’s going to thoroughly clean the sword the moment she returns.
Laksh, who was stalking Gayatri concerns take the sword in his palms and smiles.
Rana ji arrives right down to consider his seat while in the hall. Mr. Wilkinson arrives with Kunwar ji. Swarna and Gayatri appear downstairs alongside one another. Mr. Wilkinsons remarks that the new Rani is a standard girl, she have to be really Blessed for them. Kunwar ji asks Mr. Wilkinson’s if he has forgotten he achieved her on Raaj Mata’s birthday likewise, she can really be perilous for him. Mr. Wilkinson’s remembers his insult in palms of Gayatri. Kunwar ji says that she’s from widespread people today and will talk the language of typical Males. It can Charge British govt a lot.
Gayatri without delay feels dizzy. Kokilla thinks her herb has began to perform, she concerns ask Swarna to get her a glass of h2o. Swarna claims she’s going to carry it herself. Kokilla suggests to Gayatri that currently it’s her crowning ceremony, what exactly is a British executing in this article and who’s he to stamp her position from the palace. They’ve got stolen anything from India, she desires another person of their country who will exhibit these British their proper area. Kokilla relates to Kunwar ji, he asks if a thing happened. Kokilla says the herb has started to demonstrate its action, she gained’t herself determine what she’s expressing.

PRECAP: Mr. Wilkinson’s come to say to Gayatri that he has requested the British federal government to just accept her as Raani. Gayatri stands up and throws the crown from Wilkinson’s hand.

Written Update By Sahir


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