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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani watch online

Rajeshwari demands that she will be Rana ji’s only wife and Rani of Amirkot. Raaj Mata thinks she had asked Gayatri if she would prefer to be a second wife or a widow, but Rana ji accepted Rajeshwari’s demand. He had told Gayatri that she will be responsible for all that will happen from now on. Rajeshwari takes a round with Rana ji, Rajeshwari says now he and Gayatri are not spouses. Rajeshwari says that now Gayatri will tie chain in her feet, she cannot leave the house and it is her punishment to see them together for whole of their lives. Her second demand is that Gayatri will be his maid for lifetime, she will always stay with him. Rana ji accepts. Rajeshwari asks for the third vow, it is difficult for him. She demands that royal family’s heir would be the child borne from Rajeshwari’s womb. Rana ji leaves her hand this time. Rajeshwari asks what happened. If the sword of Amirkot still lost its sharpness, if he wanted her to live like a maid. Rajeshwari says if she will live in the palace, she will live as a princess. Gayatri stood lost, crying. Rana ji thinks Gayatri still has time to tell him about Sartaj. He asks for Rajeshwari’s hand, she holds it. Rana ji says he accepts her vow.
Kokilla says she is feeling dizzy. Raaj Mata, Kunwar ji leave. Bari Rani Maa also go away. Gayatri was left alone. Rajeshwari asks for Rana ji’s hand, who keeps his in her hand. She smiles victoriously. Rajeshwari takes Rana ji with her. Gayatri stood crying, she then runs through the corridor towards the temple, a candle fell off in the way and fire catches the carpet. Gayatri runs to temple and cries tragically. She shouts Rana ji, Rana ji. Raaj Mata cries in her room, she says her children’s life has scattered and she couldn’t do anything. She says it is her fate to see her children’s life take fire.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri in the temple, she smiles and hugs Rana ji, kissing his hand. He hugs back.
Raaj Mata thinks she must be with Gayatri.
Rana ji caresses Gayatri’s face and asks if it hurts. He says Gayatri gave this pain the address to their life. Time heals everything, but time has become a pain for them both. If she wants to put this fire off, she must tell him the truth of Sartaj. Gayatri says she can’t tell him. She says if it is about pain, he is right. She accepts she has brought pain in their lives, if they have invited a pain she will have to respect it. They will both bear it, she will never complain. Rana ji nods and leaves, Gayatri fell on the floor again. Raaj Mata comes to her and says to Gayatri she has given a big sacrifice, giving away life is really easy but suffering for whole life is really difficult.
Rajeshwari comes to the hall, she slaps a servant and asks if he doesn’t know she is the new princess. Even the air stays still when a princess passes by, she sends him to bring Gayatri.
Kokilla and Kunwar ji comes to Rajeshwari to butter her. Rajeshwari leaves. Kunwar ji wonders what else she wants from Gayatri now. The servant comes to call Gayatri, Raaj Mata tells the servant she is with her right now. Gayatri says she will go, Rana ji has promised her and it is her responsibility as a wife. Raaj Mata asks why she wants to walk on thorns. Gayatri says she will have to and leaves.
Everyone comes to the hall where Rajeshwari wears the crown. Raaj Mata and Gayatri also come there. Rajeshwari says she has called them here to announce that from today she will not mourn her brother. She has decided that she doesn’t want a delay in the punishment of her criminals, so she will put on sindoor four days from today. She says she and Rana ji will get married. There was a princess here, named Gayatri; she and her brother had been called wild by her. She says she wants this marriage to be in accordance with full traditions of the palace, she wants to test if the maids here also know about the traditions here. She gives all the responsibility of this arrangement to the maid of Rana ji. Rana ji thinks Gayatri still has time to share the secret. Gayatri looks at Rana ji blankly. Rajeshwari says people must forget Rana ji’s past marriages. Raaj Mata tells Rajeshwari that she isn’t a Rani yet, and when she becomes one she must remember that no one can interfere with Raaj Mata’s orders and this is Raaj Mata’s order that Rani Gayatri will not…. Gayatri says she will make the arrangments.

PRECAP: Gayatri put a tillak on Rana ji’s forehead, Rajeshwari comes and says Rana ji had promised not to keep any relationship with her. Rana ji says he won’t. Rajeshwari tells Gayatri to go to each guests’s home to invite them for wedding.

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