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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th July 2016 Written Update

Rani inquires Raja why is he so angry that if he saw her talking to Jeewan he didn’t come for exam. Raja holds her back, and says she has forgotten everything. He wants to fulfil his dreams along with her, why she told Jeewan that Raja doesn’t care for anything. Rani tells Raja she trust him. He demands why she withdraws her hand if he holds it, backs up if he tries to come close. Rani hugs him from behind and assures she trust him, she is ready to do anything to prove this. Raja turns to her, and tells her to think again, what if she fell weak. Rani steps closer to him assuring she has already think about it. Raja holds her face and was about to kiss her when she backs away. Raja says those who trust never backs away, he leaves the room.
On the dinner table, Rani asks Raja to talk

to him. He interrupts and asks Bindu to pass yogurt. Rani keeps a hand over his, Raja asks what she is doing, people are watching. Rani asks to talk to him, he tells her to do it. Rani says later. Raja asks if she has a problem about talking to him in front of people. Bari Rani Maa asks what she wants to discuss. Raja tells Rani that only false talks are done secretively, here everyone is her own (staring Jeewan). Rani says alright, she wants to say she only trust him the most in this world and demands another chance. Raja asks her to do what he asks for, in front of everyone. Raja says he wants her to slap Jeewan in front of everyone right here. Jeewan asks if he is mental. Rani stands up and comes to Jeewan. He stand up too and forbid Rani do so, is she a slave of Raja. Rani looks towards Raja, holds her hand up then asks Raja why he is bringing Jeewan between. Raja stands up saying talking big is easy, taking action is difficult. He leaves the table. Jeewan stops her by holding her hand, he tells Rani one must be friends with someone who is eligible. Bari Rani Maa says Rani must tell Raja about her promise, Raja might do it in pity. Rani says she had put on stake, her life and her dreams. Now her friendship is on stake, it will either win or lose but won’t bend. Bari Rani Maa cheers she doesn’t need to do anything, the people of ego lose in hands of their own attitude.
Raja lay on his bed, Rani reads aloud outside his room. Raja was being irritated, then asks Rani to go somewhere else to study or read by heart. Rani says she is used to studying this way, there is no place in the palace where she can study. Raja goes inside and stuff her ears by cotton. He hears Rani get a cough, brings water for her and rubs her back. Raja tells Rani if she doesn’t trust him, what the need to do this is. How would it matter to him if his dreams are broken? Rani says if he isn’t going to listen, what the need to talk is. Raja says it doesn’t matter to him, he neither will take exams nor do the project.
The next morning, Rani prays in temple that she broke her promise once in childhood and resultantly lost her father. Today again, she joint both their promises here, her dreams are also her Dadu’s and she is everything to her. Today she wants God’s side by herself. Jeewan joins Rani in the temple. He apologizes her, it’s because of him that she and Raaj had a fight. He is always upset when she watch her doing so much for him, as he is indifferent. Jeewan says if Raja cared about her, he must be here than him.
Bindu comes to Bari Rani Maa and cheers that they will now win the game. Rani will leave to village as Raja won’t go to take exam. Jeewan hears this and wonders if Rani has put her study on stake to get Raja his project.

PRECAP: Rani awaits Raja in the exam hall.

Written Update by Sona

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