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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani watch online

Rana ji hugs Gayatri saying he knows she can give away her life, but not their relation. He asks what Gayatri is thinking. Gayatri says she thinks if this moment can’t stop. Rana ji says time and love never stop. Gayatri says love can stop for responsibility. She apologizes Rana ji saying she can do anything for him, give up on her life as well but can’t tell him the secret. Rana ji jerks her away, and asks what is it about Sartaj that she is ready to lose her husband for it. Gayatri joins her hands in front of him. He asks if this is her last decision, she nods. Rana ji says if the decision was in his hand, he would have burnt himself but wouldn’t have let their relation break. The truth is that she doesn’t trust him, her husband and when there is no trust there are no relations. Rana ji says even if Gayatri tells him a lie, he will consider it the biggest truth in the world. He says if she tells him the truth, maybe he can prove in front of Rajeshwari that he isn’t wrong. Gayatri stood still. She thinks he must forget her. Rana ji says at least he knows what space he has in her heart. He says she must not forget that her silence is breaking this relation, and she will be responsible for what happens from now onwards. Gayatri stares at him tear eyed. A guard comes to tell Rana ji about Rajeshwari. Gayatri forwards her hands, but Rana ji jerks them away.
Rajeshwari stood with the fire stick. Rana ji asks what she is doing. Rajeshwari says she has seen how weak his decisions are. She says she is the real player, she couldn’t take justice of her brother so she has no right to live. She says today with the body of her brother, she will also be burnt. She will be the first lady who would burn her own dead body. The history will quote about a prince who couldn’t get justice to a girl. She will get freed by dying, and his life would become a punishment for him. Gayatri asks Rajeshwari to get down, Rajeshwari says she won’t. Bari Rani Maa appreciates Rajeshwari’s acting. Raaj Mata asks Rajeshwari to end this drama, and come down. Rajeshwari says she won’t die alone, her story will contain Rana ji as well. She was about to light the fire in the woods, tears dropped off her eyes. Rana ji runs to her, takes her down in his arms. She got hysterical. Rana ji says she is right, he says he doesn’t know how but he killed her brother, half of it is his and half his wife’s. He can’t return what she has lost, but he can’t. He has no clarification of his mistake nor his wife’s. Rajeshwari says if he has to give her something, it should be what she asked for. Rana ji looks at Gayatri thinking she must tell the truth. Gayatri only cried. Rajeshwari says she will increase his sin, by killing herself. If he has to do justice to her, he must marry her then. Rana ji again looks at Gayatri thinking she must tell him the truth. Gayatri thinks she can’t tell him the truth. Rana ji says he accepts the punishment she had given to him and Gayatri. Gayatri is shocked, so was everyone else. Kunwar ji was broken. Rana ji says he announces that he will marry Rajeshwari Chauhan. Rajeshwari was left open mouthed. Raaj Mata says to Rajeshwari that sindoor isn’t an old piece of cloth that can be given to any beggar, and that from a wife who is alive. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that if Gayatri didn’t give him clarification this doesn’t mean Gayatri is wrong. Rana ji says this is about responsibility as a Raja. He says to Rajeshwari he accepts her punishments. Gayatri thinks about all her moments with Rana ji.
Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that she wants vows from her husband, she says if he accepts her as his wife he must hold her hand and give her three promises. She forwards her hand, and asks if he would be able to do this. Rana ji looks at Gayatri, then holds Rajeshwari’s hand. Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that she will ask him three vows. She says her brother isn’t here for her protection, the world knows that second wife only has responsibilities and no rights, she wants to be his first wife. Rana ji looks at Gayatri.

PRECAP: Rajeshwari gives her second vow that Gayatri will always be her servant, the third vow is that the son borne from Rajeshwari’s womb will be the heir of royal family.

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